Why you shouldn’t try the DIY moving method when relocating to Chelsea

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The DIY industry has grown bigger over the years, and there is a certain trend that people want to do things by themselves. Of course, you should do a lot of things by yourself but when it comes to moving you should think twice. Therefore, we at Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC would like to discuss why you shouldn’t try the DIY moving method when relocating to Chelsea. So, let’s dive in!

You shouldn’t try the DIY moving method if you want to save time

We all know the old saying “time is money”, so this is the right situation where it can be applied. Besides consuming a lot of your time, it will cost you a lot of money. You are in one of the busiest cities in the world so you could rethink your decision. Do you have extra time and money and do you want to spend it on packing? But that’s now all you’ll have to rent a truck (or a van), take care of all your belongings, and take a couple of days off. On the other hand, you could hire some of the best Chelsea movers to help you with your move.

A pile of coins and a clock behind it.
Be careful if you relocate by yourself, you’ll probably lose more time and money than you think you will.

The DIY method has a lot of hidden costs and damaged items

So, why you shouldn’t try the DIY moving method when relocating to Chelsea? As the saying goes “if something is cheap there’s always a catch” but we’ll reveal to you some of the moving costs and we’ll explain why hiring local moving companies NYC may be a good idea.

Hidden costs of DIY moving method

Let’s start with an assumption that you have a medium-size move. If you have a large move you shouldn’t think of doing DIY and you should hire pros since that will take a ridiculous amount of time and money. Let’s dive into expenses:

  • Renting a right size truck. Consider if you need a truck or a van, also how what size of a truck? Small, medium, large? Or, even a van. If you mess up something it’s at your expense, so be careful and don’t forget about the fuel. If you are moving from another state or city taxes think about taxes, road tolls, and even motels.
  • Packing supplies. You have to pack all of your items so consider the time and money that you’ll lose on packing everything in your house.
  • Booking a hotel or an apartment. If everything goes according to plan and you relocate from let’s say Queens to Chelsea at the perfect time. But if you don’t, consider paying extra costs for sleeping over. Also, include paying for food.
  • Taking extra free days. Your boss probably won’t be pleased if you have to tell him that you’ll need a couple of days more for your move.
a couple discussing why you shouldn't try the DIY moving method when relocating to Chelsea
You’ll want to do it yourself, you’ll have to make huge calculations, checklists… On the other hand, hiring professionals will remove a lot of stress from your move.

Damaged items when relocating to Chelsea

Do you worry about damaged items or people? If the answer is yes, you could have a problem. There are so many things big and small so you should think about it. Firstly, who can help you with moving them, packing them up safely, loading them, and then driving them by yourself? Secondly, after you’ve reached your destination, you’ll have to unload them and carry them through the hallways, upstairs, downstairs, etc. These are just some of the many difficulties that you may encounter. On the other hand, there could be a misfortune. Imagine a piano or a big wardrobe dropping on someone’s foot. Don’t forget that the COVID-19 pandemic is still not over so please read safety measures.

So, why hiring residential movers NYC is a good idea? First of all, they know the city. Chelsea like Manhattan and the whole of NYC is quite busy. Local movers know that there isn’t a lot of parking so they can handle that as well. If you are not from New York, it’ll be harder for you to move around the city, while residential movers know shortcuts. Not all buildings are the same way so hiring local movers will decrease the chance of any items being broken. They know the different angles of hallways, and staircases, they can even move big items through the window.

Cleaning before and after moving to Chelsea

Even if the relocation operations went smoothly, you’ll still need to thoroughly clean the space before leaving. Proper cleaning tools and cleaning agents will aid you in completing the work quickly and efficiently since this is an ideal time for cleaning. If your home is vast and has acquired a lot of filth and grime over the years, cleaning it will take a long time. Professional cleaning services can be hired, but this will put a strain on your budget. Aside from restoring your old property to its former glory, there’s one more thing you need to take care of before leaving: paying off any outstanding charges, fees, bills, and obligations. Make sure you have enough money to settle all of your financial obligations with everyone and every service provider so you may begin your new life without the burden of old debts.

A woman cleaning the window.
Consider hiring professionals to clean your house, since cleaning will take a lot of time and you’ll probably be very tired.

Should you try the DIY moving method

In the end, it depends on the size of your move, how much money you’ve got and other factors that we’d previously discussed. But if you ask any professional, they’ll tell you that you shouldn’t try the DIY moving method when relocating to Chelsea! We’re here just to give you some friendly advice, at the end of the day, it’s all up to you. Have a great move!



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