Why you should spend your retirement in Riverdale

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Deciding about your retirement place is not an easy thing. There are many great places that you can consider. However, Riverdale has become a great place for people to move to after they retire. More and more seniors are coming here. And, for a good reason. We are going to tell you all about the reasons to spend your retirement in Riverdale. After that, you can decide on your own whether you want this or not. It will be easier to find movers Riverdale NY once you make a firm decision on whether you want to do this. So, without further ado, here are the main reasons why you should consider retiring in Riverdale!

The quiet atmosphere is why you should spend your retirement in Riverdale

People that are retiring usually want a place where they could relax. A quiet place where you will not have to deal with too much noise. Even though Riverdale is in the Bronx, as a big part of NYC, you will not have to deal with stuff like people that are living in Manhattan. However, you should not think that this is not that good a place. This is the most exclusive neighborhood in the Bronx and that is certainly a great thing to hear. If this is something you are interested in, living in a mega city but not having to deal with all of the bad things, then you should call movers Bronx and plan the move so that you could retire as soon as possible!

Dining paradise

One of the best things about Riverdale is that you have a variety of dining options to choose from. There is everything from Japanese, and Italian to Greek joints where you can go and have a great time. The selection of food is excellent here so you should definitely try it out. New York City is a place full of great things and Riverdale is just one excellent example of this!

a person eating in a restaurant
Enjoy the extraordinary dining scene in Riverdale

A green neighborhood is a great reason for retirement in Riverdale

Even though located in a big city, this does not mean that Riverdale is all about the buildings. There is plenty of greenery if you decide to spend your retirement in Riverdale like:

  • Van Cortlandt Park
  • Gaelic Park
  • Riverdale Park Reserve
  • Mosholu Golf Course

Of course, this is not everything. But, we should mention that Van Cortlandt Park is larger than Central Park so you will have a ton of space to enjoy your free and alone time. This is definitely a good thing for people that want a place where they could relax after retiring.

beautiful park is why you should spend your retirement in Riverdale
Greenery will surprise you if you decide to spend your retirement in Riverdale

Riverdale real estate

Before you look for the best moving companies NYC and move here, you have to deal with real estate. You should know what to expect so that you could make the right call. For example, rent will start from $1,695 for a studio, $2,500 for two bedroom apartment, and up where you will have to spend $3,747 for a 4 bedroom apartment. When it comes to buying, the value is from $637,000 up to $1.250,000.

Of course, these are not the only reasons to spend your retirement in Riverdale. However, we find these important, especially for people that age. Just be careful when moving if you decide to retire here. Make sure to always have reliable local movers Bronx that can help you settle in without too much effort. Doing this all by yourself is not a good thing, especially because moving injuries can occur. Do everything that you can to have a nice moving experience to Riverdale!


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