Which NYC borough to pick for raising a family

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Are you planning to move to NYC with your kids? In that case, you would probably like to know which NYC borough to pick for raising a family. And, which one will be the best for your needs. Well, this is not the easiest question to answer. We could easily say that all NYC boroughs are good. The only thing is that you will have to find the right neighborhoods in them. And, to choose the right one for raising the children, it should have great schools. Also, there should be a lot of greenery and space for playing. And, the housing should be affordable so you can rent an adequate apartment or a house. And certainly, you will want moving and Storage NYC to bring you to a place with high safety rates. 

There are many family-friendly areas in NYC

The New Your City has five boroughs. They are:

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • The Bronx
  • Queens
  • Staten Island

Staten Island is a rather expensive borough, with a lot of luxury homes. In case you can afford to buy a property there, you will enjoy a lot of amenities. And, you can be sure that your family will live in a spacious place.

However, many people coming to NYC are looking for some more budget-friendly options. The housing in NYC is already costly. So, in case you are single, and want to live in the middle of Manhattan, you will still have to take roommates to stand the costs. However, having a family, you will need at least a 2-bedroom home. Luckily, in the rest four boroughs, there are many nice places. They are calm, family-friendly areas, where your kids will be safe. And where they will be able to attend good schools.


a young couple with a family thinking which NYC borough to pick for raising a family.
To raise a family in NYC you will need a spacious home.

How to choose the best borough and neighborhood in NYC for your family?

New York City is a unique place. Moving there, you are moving into a hearth of the world’s entertainment and business world. In this exclusive place, Wall Street and Broadway coexist. And the city itself is offering so much to its residents. At the same time, in this huge city, everyone can find the best place for himself. So, the choice of the right borough and the right neighborhood will largely depend on:

  • vicinity of your office
  • commuting time
  • vicinity of the kindergartens and schools
  • vicinity of parks
  • walkability
  • affordable home rental/ purchase prices

To help you, we will present here several family-friendly neighborhoods. You can either realize that they are a good solution for you. Or, this can give you ideas on where to start your search. Our hope is that you will finally find what you are looking for.

The Bronx – NYC borough to pick for raising a family

The Bronx is one of the five NYC boroughs, and for a long time, it had a bad reputation. However, it has improved a lot. So, it is now a nice area, where many are moving. In NYC, you always have to keep one thing in mind. The living arrangement is the biggest expenditure that you will have. So, since renting or purchasing in the Bronx is very affordable, you will be fine moving to this place. And moving and storage the Bronx company will offer you valuable assistance.

Fordham and University Heights

Those two neighborhoods belong to the borough of Bronx. Since they are located just one beside another, we are presenting them together. In them, the median home price is $240,422. To rent a two-room apartment, you would need about $2,000. In this area are located some of the best schools, offering excellent education. So, they are the ideal choice for families with kids.

During your rest time, you can take kids to the Bronx Zoo. Or, you can take them to St. James Park, and Poe Park. There, surrounded by greenery, you can walk. Or even organize a picnic for the family.


A Girl Holding a Longboard.
Living in a family-friendly part of NYC, kids will be safe.


This is yet another family-friendly Bronx neighborhood. Besides good schools and easy access to Manhattan, it offers very affordable housing prices. In there, you can purchase a home for $358,962. And the median rent is $1,305 a month. In Riverdale, you will have the possibility to visit the Van Cortlandt House Museum. Or, you can bring the kids after school hours to Riverdale Stables. Actually, the whole family can take the riding classes there. Or, you can simply enjoy walking, as this is one of NYC’s walkable places.

Manhattan can also be an NYC borough to pick for raising a family

Generally, people are of opinion that Manhattan is a very expensive borough. And that it has only business neighborhoods. And those which are too expensive for raising the family. On the contrary, Manhattan also has some very affordable neighborhoods. And, in case you want to move into one of them, contact the moving and storage Manhattan company. They will know the right routes to safely bring you to your new home.

Battery Park City

This is one of the safest neighborhoods in the entire Manhattan. It is within walking distance from Financial District and Lower Manhattan. Schools are great. And, the area is known for its clean streets, beautiful parks, and straight view of the Statue of Liberty. So, in this small piece of paradise, the median purchase price is only $754,550. And, in case you want to rent, you will have to count on median monthly prices of $2,903.

Brooklyn can be a good place for your family

Living in Brooklyn is perfect for young professionals. But, it is also an excellent place for families and their kids.

Park Slope

This is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for families. The area is quiet and walkable. So, it is very easy to meet your new neighbors after moving there with the help of moving companies in Brooklyn. There, you will have a good choice of public and private schools, offering excellent education. The median purchase price in Park Slope is $951,201. In case you are renting, you will pay on average $2,004 a month.

Family Sitting on Grass Field.
There are many good places to raise a family in NYC.

Many consider Queens an excellent NYC borough to pick for raising a family

Queens is offering its residents a lot of green spaces, and also, excellent food choices.

Forest Hills

Of all Queens neighborhoods, the most sought-after is Forest Hills. So, families who are active, love sports, and stay outdoors will love this place. Besides a lot of greenery, it also has excellent schools. And, according to general opinion, Forest Hills is also one of the best places to buy a home in NYC. The median purchase price is $444,362. And, if you are renting, that will cost you about $1,494 a month.

Best NYC neighborhoods in 2022

As we promised, we have presented the NYC borough to pick for raising a family. And to narrow your search, we have also presented some neighborhoods. So, they are all family-friendly, with good schools and high general safety. And, they all have very affordable purchasing and renting prices. So, following the examples, you will be able to do more research. For example, you may find something completely else. However, you may like the best one of the places that we have presented here. Anyhow, to help you with further search, here is the article on the best neighborhoods in NYC


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