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When Moving with Pets in New York!

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You need to plan out a little more for your moving day if you are relocating to a new place with a pet. You have to do preliminary preparation for the final day. Here are certain things that you should consider that would help your pet adjust quickly in new surroundings.

Get a veterinary health certificate from your veterinarian. It acts as proof of both vaccinations and ownership that you can also present at the time of making reservations. In addition to this, get a separate pet health certificate that will state that your pet is healthy and ready to travel to a new place.

Ensure that your pet has ID tag updated with your new address and current contact numbers. You can also add the numbers of your friends or other family member that can take the responsibility of your pet in an emergency. In case, the journey to your new home is long, pack water and food for your pet.

Do not forget to keep the pet friendly lodging if you have an overnight stay plan.

After arriving at your new address with your belongings loaded in the trucks of moving company, NYC, confine the pet in a room. Do not let them explore the home without supervision. It would be wise to keep them leashed when not in backyard or home till the time they become familiar to new surroundings. Give your pet the time to adjust in your new home.

Start following your routine schedule as soon as possible. Take your pet for a walk during the initial introduction so that it can feel secure and safe by your side. Remember, the sooner it become familiar with the smell of the new surroundings, the sooner it will accept the new environment.

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