What You Should Know Before Relocating From Long Island City to Queens

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Deciding to move to a different place is always somewhat exciting. And while you consider doing it you should know a couple of things first! People describe relocations as tiring difficult and time-consuming. If you don’t have a strategic plan ready, that is exactly what your relocation will be. Before relocating from Long Island City to Queens consider all the options and try to pick the easiest and the most affordable way to do it. To help you out, and make things much faster, let’s see what you should know before relocating from Long Island City to Queens!

Relocating from Long Island City to Queens

This relocation is specific in many different ways and it is probably one of the least complicated ones you may choose. The distance itself is not an issue and moving companies NYC operate on this route daily. With that in mind, you won’t be stressed out during the process of preparing for your move. Nevertheless, stick to your plan constantly. Avoid making last-minute changes or adding difficult tasks to your to-do list in the middle of your relocation. Let’s break this relocation into some smaller parts and provide additional details for you!

panorama of NYC
Relocating from Long Island City to Queens can be relatively easy of you start it on time

Leaving Long Island City

Leaving Long Island City will make you emotional at first. Moving to a different place means you are leaving the old one and with it all the beautiful memories. This stage won’t last long as you will have a huge amount of tasks to focus on. Make arrangements with Long Island City movers and set the date. Once you do that, start eliminating other tasks from your relocation list. To leave Long City Island properly make sure that you:

  • Inform your work and school: Your coworkers will need to know that you are leaving on time. Make sure to let everyone know so that you can get instructions about your next steps. Ask if remote working is possible and how to sign up for it. Don’t forget to do the same with your kids’ school. They will also need some time to say goodbye to their favorite teachers and classmates.
  • Gather all the paperwork: This is a very important step as you will need everything close to you. Your paperwork should include all policies, insurance, and medical records. It is highly advised that you start on time as getting some of them takes time.
  • Prepare your home for packing: You can ask friends and family members to help you out. This process will make relocating from Long Island City to Queens much easier as it will give you more time for packing.
  • Say goodbye to your friends: Making a goodbye party would be an amazing choice. Everyone will be happy to get a chance to say goodbye to you and you too will feel much better. Just make sure that the party doesn’t take place in the middle of packing or relocating.

Your residential movers NYC will guide you through some of these steps. Make sure to provide all the details about your relocation and items that you possess. Also, try to be around when they arrive. They may have some questions for you and it is always good that they receive the answers directly from you. 

family on the floor packing
Upon arriving in Queens begin unpacking and setting everything up!

Packing process

Packing for this relocation will also be relatively easy. You just need to start on time and follow the packing plan. If this is your first relocation then consider going with the packing services NYC as they will be much more practical for you. Start early in the morning and try not to spend too much time in different rooms. Packing will be much easier if you:

  • Choose the right packing material: This includes stable boxes with lids, wrapping paper, and markers for labeling
  • Pack one room at a time: You will see progress sooner and there won’t be any mess while doing it. After you finish packing everything leave boxes in the hall or living room and wait for movers to arrive.
  • Label your boxes: Labeling is a great method that will make both packing and unpacking easier. Make sure to use bright markers and label each side of the boxes. You can also use labeling tape if you prefer.
  • Leave items you no longer need: This may trigger some memories but try to think clearly! If you have some items that will take too much of your space and you don’t actually need them, leave them. You can give them to your friends or find a charity organization that probably needs them more than you do.

Always be creative when packing for your relocation. Don’t pile your items up as you may damage or even lose them. Include other family members in the process because packing can be also fun when you do it with other people. 

Arriving in Queens

Now that you are in your new place, work is still not over. The hardest part is behind you but you will need to settle in properly. If you have never been to Queens before, make sure to get to know some important locations first. While movers Queens are finishing up your relocation you can search for the nearest: 

  • Hospitals
  • Playgrounds and restaurants
  • Shopping malls 
  • Police station
couple finished packing
Ask friends or family members to help you pack

Finding these locations on time will help you settle in and adjust much faster. You won’t be having some huge cultural shocks in Queens but the lifestyle is a little bit different than the one in Long Island City. It is advised that before relocating from Long Island City to Queens you check the event calendars and get to know your new community!



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