What to pay attention to when moving to NYC for the first time

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When people are moving to NYC for the first time, the rental procedure is something that surprises them the most. It is specific to New York and is very different than in other US cities. Also, they might be very surprised by rental prices. Therefore, before hiring Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC services, learn about the NYC living conditions. And, being well prepared, you will not be disappointed. For example, you will not expect a huge apartment with a stunning view. Well, there are many apartments like that in NYC. However, if you are a young professional and you are just starting your career, one of those apartments might be far from your reach. Or, maybe you are moving on a tight budget. Well, you will have to look for apartments in affordable neighborhoods.

Renting procedure in NYC is different than in other places

When you are renting in other cities, you usually have time to go and check several places. And, you have time to decide which apartment is meeting your need the best. So, you go back there to negotiate the renting conditions with the landlord.

Well, something like this is impossible in NYC. The demand for apartments in NYC is huge. So, once they are listed, you are lucky if you come to the given address before others. Otherwise, if anyone comes before you, that apartment will already be rented out. So, renting in NYC you have to be fast. You have to grab the apartment immediately. And you will certainly not have time to consider the pros and cons of the given apartment.

Calm woman in lotus pose meditating after moving to NYC for the first time.
In NYC, you might rent a much more modest apartment than you expected.

Many people don’t realize how expensive NYC is until they move

People are usually not aware of how living in NYC is expensive before they move. So, many single persons are wondering why they should take roommates. However, soon as they start the rental procedure they will realize that they have two possibilities:

  • to share an apartment with roommates and stay close to the city center
  • to find cheaper and smaller apartments in other parts of the city

However, sharing the high rental costs is not the only reason for living with roommates. As a first-time apartment renter in NYC, you must have an annual salary equal to 40 times the monthly rent. Otherwise, you can’t qualify as a renter. So, in the case of sharing the apartment, the combined salaries of roommates are usually enough to cover this requirement. Also, in case you still want to rent alone, you will need a guarantor. But, in that case, the guarantor is requested to have an annual income of at least 80 times your monthly rent.

Not everyone can be your guarantor

As a qualified guarantor, the landlords will accept parents, friends, or relatives. But only if they have US citizenship. So, in case you can’t fulfill this requirement, you will have to reconsider splitting the costs with roommates. But, remember that your combined annual salaries still have to meet the minimum threshold. And, if you are ready to move, give a call to local movers NYC.

The other solution is to hire an institutional guarantor. This is not the cheapest possible option. Those guarantors will charge an average fee of about 85% of a month’s rent. And, if you are a foreign citizen, your fee will come up to 110%.

Two persons watching Central Park from their apartment.
Sharing the apartment with a roommate can show as the best option.

Hiring a real estate agent can spare you from many troubles when you are moving to NYC for the first time

Well, this means the additional costs. And, you will need to use some of your precious time to check the real estate agency. The last thing you need when moving to NYC is to run on some cons. But, can you manage so hectic renting process alone? Probably not. And, did you know that you have to submit an application to rent the apartment?  Besides, do you know what documents you will have to submit along with the application? Yes, the rental procedure is completely different than anywhere in the country. And, moving to NYC for the first time, you don’t stand many chances to complete this process alone. Unless you have friends or relatives already living in NYC.

Besides, you will have to inform your real estate agent about your budget. And about your preferences. So, having that info, the agent will know exactly which borough is the right one for you. They will also know the best neighborhoods for you. And, the good thing is that the agents can get the info about rentals before they are publically announced. So, that is giving you time to get a better place for living. They can also talk to movers Brooklyn, to speed up your relocation. As you can see, when it comes to renting in NYC, speed and timely information are very important.

Keeping all the necessary documentation all the time with you is also very important

Since you will have to apply and rent quickly, you won’t have time to go back to your temporary place and fetch the documents. Therefore, you will have to have them ready at all times. And your agent will advise you on what documents you must have. Otherwise, you might just miss some nice opportunity.

So, the documents that the landlord usually asks for are:

  • ID with your picture, issued by the governmental office
  • Contract of employment
  • The CPA (if you are a business owner)
  • Last three bank statements (copy)
  • Latest three paychecks (copy)
  • Tax return papers (at least the last two)
  • $2o fee (not refundable)
  • Security deposit (in the amount of one month’s rent)
  • Referral letter of previous landlords (unless you are moving to NYC from your parent’s home)
  • A certificate that your annual salary is 40 times your monthly rent

In case you meet all requirements, and you like the apartment, don’t hesitate to ask for the professional assistance of the movers Bronx. The sooner you move to your apartment, the sooner you will have time to learn more about your new city.

A man standing on the embankment of the river in a big city after moving to NYC for the first time.
Finding an apartment when you are moving to NYC for the first time is not easy.

Additional things to know about renting and landlords when moving to NYC for the first time

There are nine housing regulations that every renter should know. Learning them this early will help you when renting for the first time. But, knowing the regulations will show handy even later on. Living in NYC you will have more opportunities to check the other boroughs. And different neighborhoods too. So, it can easily happen that you find some better, bigger, and cheaper accommodation. And, with the help of residential movers NYC, you will easily organize your relocation.

Knowing regulations when you move to another property will protect you from any kind of manipulation. So, we will here present those nine regulations. And, knowing about them, you can learn a bit more on your own. Also, keep in mind that those regulations are meant to help you, as a tenant. 

NYC housing regulations

  • Landlords must return your security deposit within 14 days after you leave the apartment
  • In case they want to raise the rent by more than 5%, the landlords must give you a notice 30-90 days in advance
  • Landlords are not allowed to enter your apartment unless in the case of emergency, or when you invite them
  • If you have to break the lease agreement for justified reasons, the landlords can’t ask you to pay the rent until the expiry of the lease period. On the contrary, they have to make effort to re-rent the apartment and collect the rent that way
  • Any building with more than 9 units must have a janitor available 24/7
  • It is the landlords’ obligation to provide apartments with heat and hot water
  • They can’t evict you without a legally binding court order
  • Landlords can’t discriminate against you because of your race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  • In case of late rent, the landlord can’t charge you more than $50, or 5% of the monthly rent

Living in NYC, you will be paying some of the highest taxes in the US

The NYC residents have to pay three types of income taxes:

  • Federal income tax
  • State income tax
  • City income tax

So, depending on your income, your tax rates can be higher than 50%. Besides, NYC has also a high sales tax. And they amount to 8.875% of the property.

Woman Holding Cash Money Sitting at a Table.
NYC residents have to pay three types of income taxes.

Don’t be surprised when you find out that most of the residents don’t have a car

Well, in a city like NYC, the car is really not so necessary. Living in NYC you will have ample possibilities to commute. Or to go and visit other parts of the town. And, for most of your trips, you will use the metro net. It is huge, easily connecting most of the city parts, and affordable. And, in case you need some other type of transportation, you can always rise a hand. And stop a yellow cab.

On the other hand, in case you need to move your belonging to new accommodation, you can always count on movers Manhattan. They are reliable and professional. And they know the NYC streets as their pocket. So, your relocations will be faster. And your possessions will be well protected during the move.

Having a car in NYC can be a burden

Living in NYC and owning a car, you will have a constant problem finding the parking lot. And, you will be spending a lot of fuel circling around and waiting for someone to leave. Not to say how much of your time off will be lost in vain. Moreover, you will be lucky to grab that vacant lot, as several more neighbors will be waiting on it too. And, parking a car in some of the garages, to use it just several times a year, will be an additional financial burden. Besides, you will have to pay car insurance and maintenance costs. So, it is more understandable why NYC residents are not using cars.

Also, most of NYC is walkable. That is a good part of living in The City. You will be more physically active, which is good for your overall health conditions. But, be aware. Living in NYC good quality shoes are a must. 

How to organize moving to NYC for the first time?

We could see that renting in NYC is a rather demanding and time-consuming process. So, the main concern of the people moving to NYC for the first time is what to do with their things. They can find temporary accommodation for themselves in some of the motels. Luckily, you can always contact moving and storage Queens. There, your belonging will be stored in the state of art facilities. And, you can keep them in the facility until you manage to rent the apartment.

Self-storage units.
If you have extra things, you can use self-storage units for them.

Use self-storage units to store some of your belongings

After moving to your new apartment, you may find out that the apartment is too small for all your belongings. If so, there is an easy solution. You can rent one of the units that self storage NYC provide, and keep the surplus things in there. For example, during the summertime, you can store your winter clothes and footwear in storage. So, you will have all the well-taken care of. And you will have more space in your apartment.

Things to know about moving to NYC

We have already covered many things related to moving to NYC for the first time. Until now we have covered the basics. Everyday living will bring a lot of situations that you may find odd. But, that is a part of living in New York. For example, what you took for granted back home, can be very different in NYC. Say, back home, you would just use the washing machine for laundry. And, if you didn’t pay attention when renting, you may discover that you have to do your laundry differently. You will have to walk around and find the to find self-service laundry. So, here is a first-hand story of the person moving to NYC. It can help you to learn some things specific to NYC.


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