What People Love About Living in the Upper East Side

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    Are you searching for a place in New York to settle down? Thinking about Manhattan? Don’t search any further. Manhattan is the top choice. Wonder what’s the best place to live in Manhattan? Well, if you want to live in s neighborhood that offers plenty of possibilities, then Upper East Side should be your final choice. But, what is so special about it? What people love about living in the Upper East Side, find out in this article. And if you decide to move here after reading this article, hire our movers Mahnattan to take care of your relocation.

    New York: living in the Upper East side
    New York offers many beautiful neighborhoods. and whichever you choose, you won’t regret it

    What to know about Upper East Side

    The Upper East Side, a neighborhood in the most famous NYC borough – Manhattan, is located between the East River and famous Central Park. It is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Manhattan. It is an urban neighborhood that offers a lot of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. Upper East Side is a residential neighborhood where you can find luxurious apartments and townhouses. However, its urban feel intermixes with extraordinary landmarks and cultural spots. It’s the home to the most famous museums in the world. It can be said that the number of museums almost surpasses the number of coffee shops. Also, it is the home of many houses of worship, which makes it a very diverse neighborhood perfect for people who want to be a part of strong communities.

    Upper East Side neighborhoods

    As already mentioned, the Upper East Side spans from 59th to 96th street, which makes it a large neighborhood. It’s comprised of a couple of sub-neighborhoods. These are:

    • Lenox Hill: located between 60th Street and 77th Street from Fifth Avenue to Lexington Avenue. What makes it unique is the beautiful landscapes and natural scenery. The neighborhood is known for its beautiful architecture that dates from the early 19th century.
    • Yorkville: ranges from the 72nd to 96th street, and it’s a quiet neighborhood suitable for families.
    • Carnegie Hill: if you want to live near Central Park, then Carnegie Hill is the perfect place. It ranges from 86th to 98th street. It is also a pretty quiet area.

    Why do people love living in the Upper East Side?

    Living in the Upper East Side, a cinematic neighborhood, Carrie Bradshaw’s home, and the host of many other TV shows settings such as Gossip Girl is like a dream come true. Who wouldn’t like to live there? People love living here due to the glamorous lifestyle, beautiful energy, and diverse feel. However, the main reason is that there are a lot of small neighborhoods and residential communities. The area ranges from 59th to 96th Street, and the residential choice is great. There’s something for everyone. Single people, families, business people, everybody loves living in the Upper East Side. Whichever group you belong to, you can be sure it is a perfect place to start a new life. And, who knows, maybe the Upper East Side will be the place to settle down. If you choose it, hire movers Upper East Side and enjoy exploring this beautiful area.

    Cinema slides
    People love living in the Upper East Side since many movies and TV shows were filmed here

    Things to do on the UES, Manhattan

    People love living in the Upper East Side due to the plethora of activities it offers. So, if you are looking for things to do on the Upper East Side, check our recommendation. You can walk in Central Park or walk near the East River. If you are interested in architecture, visit 62nd street. Besides, you can enjoy extraordinary cuisine from numerous restaurants. Also, you can visit the museums, enjoy live music and many more.


    Despite being mainly a neighborhood for nightlife and entertainment, it’s not the only kind of a lifestyle. The Upper East Side is also suitable for families, although people lead very busy lifestyles. Many families choose to move to Upper East Side due to several reasons. The main reason is that it has a good school system, and it is a safe area. Some of the best private schools are located on the Upper East Side, but you can also enroll your children in public schools. So, if you have children and want to provide them with good education, then move here with our residential movers Manhattan.

    Job opportunities and the cost of living

    The Upper East Side is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Manhattan. This is what makes it perfect for a job hunt. The main business fields are IT, real estate, and finance. When it comes to the cost of living, it’s one of the most expensive neighborhoods due to its high standard. Renting and buying a property is also pretty expensive. However, you can find affordable housing.

    New York skyline photo
    The Upper East Side, although expensive, is one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods to live in

    To sum up: Reasons to move to the Upper East Side

    People are attracted to living in the Upper East Side due to several reasons. If you are new to Manhattan, let’s sum up the reasons why you should choose the Upper East Side:

    • It’s great for both family and single life
    • The school system is one of the best in Manhattan
    • Cultural diversity is what makes it unique
    • There’s something for everyone’s budget
    • It’s easy to get around the area
    • Excellent transportation system
    • Beautiful landmarks and cultural attractions
    • The best possible healthcare system
    • Food and entertainment, etc.

    Move to the Upper East Side, Manhattan with professional movers

    If you want to move to Upper East Side, hire professional movers to handle your relocation. Move to this magnificent neighborhood without much ado with local movers in Manhattan NY since they are familiar with the Manhattan area. They will provide you with an efficient moving plan. This plan will make your relocation fast, safe and secure. Contact us today, get your moving quote, relocate without stress, and enjoy living in the Upper East Side.

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