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Moving to, or within, Manhattan can be a daunting task.  You have to make sure that your move is conducted safely and efficiently. Luckily, movers New York can do precisely that. But you also need to consider how best to store your things, especially antiques during the process. Here are some tips on ensuring that your antiques remain safe during a move to Manhattan. So, keep reading to find the best ways to store antiques in Manhattan.

How to decide where to store your antiques?

Deciding what is the best way to store antiques in Manhattan can be tricky. To start, it’s important to choose a reputable location with a clean and controlled environment for the items. Look for facilities that are climate-controlled. So delicate items like wood and fabric won’t experience drastic changes and deterioration due to temperature, humidity, light exposure, or dust. A moving and storage Manhattan company should also offer secure monitored access 24/7 in case of theft. Finally, be sure the insurance coverage is sufficient according to your own standards. There’s no replacement for peace of mind when it comes to valuables. Doing these things will help ensure you’re getting quality storage. And that it will protect all your antiques safely while allowing you access anytime you need it.

Inside of the storage with units
Choose a reputable location with a clean and controlled environment for the items

Storing antiques in Manhattan – do your research

When it comes to storing antiques in Manhattan, the best thing to do is to research multiple storage facilities in order to determine which is most suitable for your needs. Each facility can offer different levels of security, climate control, and convenience. Before you make a decision, consider every advantage or constraint that each one provides. Make sure to visit the facility and speak with professionals to ensure that your antiques are receiving the best care possible. Additionally, shopping around allows you to choose an option that fits within your budget.  And still ensures optimal protection of your valuable possessions. With proper research and careful consideration of all factors, you’ll be able to choose a storage plan that will keep your antiques safe for years to come.

How to safely store your antiques in Manhattan

Taking good care of your antiques is essential to preserving their value. Before storing them, you should check for any damage and clean the piece thoroughly. Remove dust, dirt, and wax, as these can lead to abrasion when moving them and cause further deterioration of the item. Additionally, if you are planning on reusing the storage space in the future, use a non-reactive material. Such as craft or tissue paper between items that could scratch or chip each other. You may choose to wrap items in bubble wrap before packing them away as an extra precaution. Also, you can rely on Tribeca movers if you want to youse their packing and storing services. Storing antiques properly is key to preserving their condition over longer periods of time. With a few steps taken ahead of time, you can ensure that your precious items remain intact and unharmed until you need them again.

Consider the size of your antiques

When storing antiques in Manhattan, it’s important to consider the size of each piece. The smaller the antique, the easier it is to store and transport. If possible, avoid transporting large items like armoires or chests of drawers. They may require special handling and extra space for storage. If you must move these larger items, make sure you pack and secure them properly before transportation begins.

Antique clock, mirror and telephone on the drawer
When thinking about ways to store antiques in Manhattan it’s important to consider the size of each piece

Know your storage options

There are many storage options available in Manhattan for antiques. These range from climate-controlled units designed specifically for antiques and other sensitive items, to self storage facilities that offer more traditional storage solutions at an affordable price point. It’s important to research your options before deciding which one is right for you. Some places may even offer discounts for long-term rentals!

Pack correctly

Proper packing is essential when storing antiques in any location. Make sure all pieces are wrapped securely in bubble wrap or other protective materials. This will help keep them safe from scratches or damage during transport and storage. For larger items such as armoires or furniture sets, use packing blankets or cardboard boxes for additional protection against dirt and dust accumulation. Additionally, don’t forget about labeling all boxes. So that you know exactly what’s inside each box once it arrives at its destination!

Should you choose self storage?

Antiques can often be priceless, inherited items generations have had the pleasure of admiring. Self storage can provide a safe and secure place to keep these beloved possessions, with climate control technology that defends against variations in temperature and humidity. As well as round-the-clock security services and camera surveillance at many locations. Additionally, self storage NYC is helpful if you are moving or need more room. Storing your antiques ensures they won’t get damaged in a move or suffer wear and tear with excessive handling. And always staying out of sight under lock and key when not in use. With the flexibility of location, size, and contract options and a range of solutions for protecting treasures from damage – self-storage may be the perfect solution for keeping antiques safe.


Manhattan is full of amazing antique finds, but those treasures wouldn’t be much comfort if you were robbed or experienced other damage or loss. For that reason, it is essential to have insurance when storing antiques in Manhattan. An insurance policy can provide peace of mind as you know that your items will be replaced should an incident occurs, thanks to the coverage provided. Additionally, an insurance policy can cover theft as well as accidental damage so even if something out of the blue happens, you are still safe. If you want to protect your investments and keep your sanity worry-free in Manhattan, it’s worth considering the purchase of a good insurance policy.

a person using a laptop, trying to find info on how to safely store antiques in Manhattan
An insurance policy can provide peace of mind, so don’t forget to get one

Taking the time to understand how best to store antiques in Manhattan can save you time and money. Not only by reducing the risk of damages caused by improper packing but also by helping you find the right storage option based on your needs and budget. With these tips in mind, you can rest assured knowing that your treasured items will remain safe throughout their relocation journey!


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