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3. Utilize Moving wardrobe boxes, moving clothing any other way is not advised

These tall Moving Wardrobe boxes are perfect way for moving your clothing form your New York apartment, from bulky clothing items to, lightweight items such as comforters, pil­lows, and blankets and any clothing that should remain hanging for your move. Call Ben Hur Moving or go to the moving supplies section of our website or phone one of our NYC moving experts to ask enquire about the width of the wardrobe moving boxes to best fit your moving needs. Measure your clothes in each one of your closets, don’t forget your coat clos­ets, and you will be able to quickly figure out how many Moving wardrobe boxes you’ll need. Wardrobe boxes are also great for packing other NYC Apartment items such as closet storage boxes, shoe boxes, and other bulky items such as fabric bolts, large bas­kets, or gift wrap tubes, comforters etc. Hint: Do not make the boxes so heavy that you or the movers cannot lift them.