Why Use a Storage Facility During Your Move?

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It’s quite often that you see storage facilities advertising deals and specials to people who might be moving. They might offer shorter contracts or friendlier lease terms to people who may only need a storage unit for a few months, as opposed to long-term renters. But it begs the question: why use a storage facility during your move?

The practice of renting storage before, during and after a move is popular for good reason—there’s a lot of benefits for movers! At a time when everything you own is in boxes and your possessions are scattered between the place you’re coming from and the place you’re moving to, a storage facility can provide some much-needed stability amidst all the chaos. Here’s a look at why many people make the decision to rent storage before and during their move.

Extra space is invaluable

The simplest benefit of self-storage during a move is extra space! If you’re trying to get everything out of your old place before you move into your new one, you need an intermediary space to store things safely. You could keep them in a truck or packed into the back seat of your car, but that’s not really convenient or practical. A storage unit allows you to stow everything all in one place, for as long as you need to between moves.

On this same note, a storage facility can act as your staging grounds while you’re mid-move. For example, you might transport all your boxes there while you load furniture into your new home. Once the furniture is in place, you can retrieve boxes from storage room by room, to make unpacking organized and efficient. The same applies in reverse, too—pack up room by room and take it to your storage unit before a move to keep everything organized.

Peace of mind at all times

The thing about secure self-storage is that it’s secure. If your move is staggered over time, you want to be sure that your worldly possessions aren’t being compromised in any way. Storage gives you the peace of mind you need that your valued items are under lock and key, safe at all times during the relocation process. This is especially true for large items like furniture, which might not fit in your locked trunk or be easily moved into your new place right away.

Take the stress out of moving

Moving is stressful—often because people feel like they’re in a time crunch. They need to get out of their old residence as quickly as possible and moved into their new one right away. The longer they stay in limbo, the more disorganized and chaotic things feel. A storage unit is a great way to create a bridge between old and new, to ease the rush of moving.

You can keep some of your things at a storage facility until you’re ready to move them in, instead of rushing to move everything in and get it properly put away throughout the house. This is particularly important if you’re moving in with someone and you need to consolidate your things before you start unpacking. Instead of rushing, you can take your time while boxes sit idly in storage. It’s a much less stressful endeavor!

Make good use of your new space

One of the best reasons to rent a self-storage unit—and the reason people keep renting them even after the move—is because it’s a good opportunity to maximize your space. Here in New York City, square footage is precious. Keeping your unused or overbearing items in storage is a great way to maximize the square footage you’re paying for! Instead of piling boxes in the corner or filling up closets with stuff you’re not using, move it into storage during your relocation and keep it there until you actually need it. Again, this is also great for couples moving in together and consolidating their stuff.

Storage is worth the expense

Even if you don’t think you’ll need it, it’s a good idea to look into self-storage opportunities before and during a move. What happens if your moving timeline gets disrupted and you need a place to store things for a week? Do you really want to move everything you own all at one time? Storage is a major convenience that’s often overlooked!

The fact is, using a storage facility during your move is well-worth the cost—and the cost itself won’t actually be that high! As mentioned, most storage facilities have moving specials or short-term leases with flexible terms. Even if you only rent storage for a month or two, the price you’ll end up paying is worth it for your peace of mind, sanity and the convenience of a smooth move.

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