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Two Moves on Voting Day

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As people are voting, we are busy helping to families move.  The first move was from Walden, NY.  This move included packing of furniture and packing and moving of a pool table.  It was as two truck move!


WaldenMove 19 WaldenMove 18 WaldenMove 17 WaldenMove 16 WaldenMove 15 WaldenMove 14 WaldenMove 13 WaldenMove 2 WaldenMove 1


More moving pictures of the job.

IMG_11641 IMG_54961 IMG_27461 IMG_67501

On our next move from 2nd Street in Brooklyn, NY we helped pack very fragile mirrors and nice couches.

fragilemove1 fragilemove12 fragilemove13 fragilemove14


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