Top Manhattan neighborhoods for history lovers

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The self-proclaimed capital of the world, “the big apple”, has a rich history that doesn’t leave anyone unmoved. While some enjoy visiting historical sights, others just enjoy the notion of a different architecture you won’t find in many other places. The city creates a contrast to its historical parts with modern buildings and contemporary style, offering something for everyone. If you plan to move to New York, you might consider hiring some of the local moving companies such as Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC. Local insight provides many advantages and ensures a stress-free and successful relocation. They will handle everything with professional care, and make it easier for you to start exploring the best Manhattan neighborhoods for history lovers. On the other hand, if your hands are tied by an unfinished business, that can be frustrating.

What are some of the interesting Manhattan neighborhoods for history lovers?

As the city is teeming with history, many places have a rich and interesting story to tell. The city’s development was rapid and it expanded gradually. With each era leaving its mark, it reached its contemporary form. Zooming in on New York, one of the main cultural centers is, undoubtedly,  Manhattan. While it’s known as one of the most desirable areas to live in globally speaking, history lovers may appreciate it even more. There are many neighborhoods in Manhattan with a rich history, such as Harlem, Upper East Side, Soho, and Wall Street. Each is famous for its own story, so let’s explore what each of these offers as one of the top Manhattan neighborhoods for history lovers

fifth ave street sign
There are many landmarks in NYC, but most of them are located in Manhattan neighborhoods for history lovers.


While the traditional approach to history is characterized by important dates and big battles, that’s not what Harlem’s history is about. While it saw its own share of violence, the greatest heritage of the neighborhood is embodied in the music scene that made history. If you’re into jazz or hip-hop, this is the place for you. If you consider moving here, you might have an easier time relocating with the help of professional movers Harlem NYC.

The National Jazz Museum is only one of the great cultural and historical sights you can visit in Harlem. However, music did not make history separate from social life. Through the story of many musicians who emerged from here, they also speak of the struggles of the people living here.

Upper East Side

Another great Manhattan neighborhood is Upper East Side. The median price of housing is much more than the NYC average and is considered one of the upscale areas to live in. It kept its luxury status throughout history, nurturing a finer way of life. While you’ll find many great restaurants and designer shops in the neighborhood, it is also an important historical area.

The architecture of the Upper East Side resembles the best of the bygone era. Many of these buildings host great museums and art galleries which makes this an excellent Manhattan neighborhood for any history lover. While the line between distant and contemporary history is blurred here, it only implies its tradition of progress. Moving here can be a breeze if you decide to hire some of the professional movers Upper East Side offers.

urban street with yellow cabs
Upper East Side is always busy, but it’s also one of the most popular neighborhoods to live in.


Yet another neighborhood famous for its architecture, SoHo is located in lower Manhattan. Make sure you contact SoHo movers before moving here, but if you’re unsure, here’s what it can offer. The neighborhood is famous for having the highest concentration of iron-cast architecture in the world. The SoHo-Cast Iron Historic District is a fairly large area and isn’t a historical site reduced to a single building. You can easily get lost within a historic district and explore it from the inside. However, the area wasn’t filled with iron-cast architecture from the start. Many people used to live in Greek-revival-style homes which were considered prestigious. As time and technology moved forward, they decided to replace those homes with solid and firm iron-cast buildings instead. Now it’s under official protection as a cultural heritage and is a monument to intense industrialization.

Wall Street

If you have any interest in the history of business and finance, you should consider exploring Wall Street. Located in Lower Manhattan in the financial district, it is a place that never sleeps.

Moving to the skyscraper neighborhood may sound intimidating for some, while it might be a dream for others. If you feel drawn to this world center and want to start your next chapter here, make sure you enlist the help of Wall Street movers.

While many global financial incidents originated here, it’s not just a place with an interesting history. It’s a place that has the capacity to produce history. It must be exciting being that close to the world’s financial engine. However, if you prefer quieter places with a slower pace of living, this might not be the best choice for you.

wall street busy street
Wall Street is a place that will make you feel like you are really at the center of the world.

History districts and other great Manhattan neighborhoods for history lovers

Manhattan is so rich with history that it’s virtually impossible to mention every significant place. But, as it claims the title of the cultural capital of the world, there are many museums and art galleries scattered all across the city. The architecture of buildings where ordinary people live is often breathtaking. Some of the unmentioned places include:

Each of these places has its story to tell. Various communities made history in all of these places. Today, we hold them in high regard as sites of many important events that played out here. Settling in any of these places would make for one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods for history lovers. In all their difference, they are a monument to the ever-developing city and its unique blend of cultures.



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