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Moving to NYC can be a great change. Depending on where you’re moving from, you might need some more time to acclimatize. If you’re moving with kids, you will also want to know more about Bronx County public schools. While private schools are great around NYC, the Bronx offers many good public schools where your kids can get the right education. With the high prices of living in New York, you’ll want to cut as many corners as you can to round up your budget. You can also save some money by preparing your move in advance. Hiring moving services from a reputable moving company, such as Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC can help you get settled while not spending too much money. Make sure you only hire reliable movers when relocating to the Bronx, as otherwise, you might have to face extra costs.

Neighborhoods to move to that are close to the best Bronx County public schools

You can find many great Bronx County public schools, and many neighborhoods around the borough to stay well connected with all the main spots in the city. Contrary to the popular belief, the Bronx can be also expensive, even when compared to other boroughs of NYC. Real estate values in the best Bronx neighborhoods are still very high and not everyone can afford them. That’s why you should expect to downsize wherever you’re moving to around the city. Everyone wants to be in the center of it all, but the space is, unfortunately, limited. It results in very high prices, but preparing in advance can help you get good deals. Make sure you also consider the quality of schools in the neighborhood you’re moving to.  The best-rated schools are located in NYC geographical district 10, which spans across Riverdale and Eastchester.

young kids doing homework for one of the Bronx County public schools
Make sure your kids have everything they need to grow and study, starting with the right surroundings.

Riverdale – luxury away from Manhattan

Many people consider Riverdale to be one of the best neighborhoods in NYC, even outside Bronx competition. This status reflects on the real estate prices, but also comes with great amenities and opportunities. As the Bronx features an unusual concentration of good public schools in a small area, neighborhoods like Riverdale are getting more and more attention. If you plan to move here, make sure that movers Riverdale NY help you out. It can be hard trying to navigate the streets just by yourself, especially without local knowledge. Additionally, you need to know where are the best places to park your vehicle, so that it isn’t too far from your home. There are many details to worry about, but it’s best if you leave it to the professionals. This way, you can relax and enjoy your relocation instead of dealing with stress and other overwhelming emotions.

Eastchester – a small community close to the Bronx county public schools

Compared to Riverdale, Eastchester is a much smaller and cheaper neighborhood to move to. However, this doesn’t mean it won’t be the right fit for your family. The neighborhood was culturally diverse historically, the status it kept until today. Moving here can be easy with the right assistance. Make sure you contact movers Eastchester NY to make your move easy and stress-free. If your kids are looking for some of the best Bronx County public schools, this is a good place to move to. You and your family will stay connected with all the important spots in the city. At the same time, your kids will be close to one of the greatest clusters of public schools in the country. While the neighborhood usually implies very limited school options, the Bronx offers even more opportunities.

The best Bronx County public schools in district 10

Both Riverdale and Eastchester belong to the NYC school district 10. The district has the best concentration of the Bronx County public schools in a single school district. Almost half schools from our top 10 list are located here. This makes Riverdale and Eastchester great choices for getting public education. The neighborhoods may feel differently, but the kids from both neighborhoods probably attend many classes together.

Bronx High School of Science is the best-rated school in the Bronx County and it has the most students. Unlike any other school in the area, it has over 3000 students while still keeping a great teacher-to-student ratio.

Bronx High School for Law and Community service has much fewer students, but it follows in quality and has a great teacher-to-student ratio. If your kids have their path set towards law and community service, this may be the best school for them.

Fordham High School for the Arts in Riverdale is another great school that offers great public education in arts. Make sure you recognize your kids’ talents early enough and help them develop them the best way they can.

Finally, the High School of American Studies at Lehman College is another good-rated school in district 10.

graduates in Bronx County private schools
Both you and your kids will reflect with joy on where it all started, once they graduate.

Other great Bronx County public schools

You can find many ratings online that highlight different things about public schools. Unfortunately, nowadays one of the main indicators that the school is a good choice is its safety. Luckily, New York City hasn’t seen any incidents on large scale, but that doesn’t mean that no problems ever occur. However, you can rest assured that your kids will be safe and that they will get a quality education at the same time in almost any of the Bronx County public schools.

Depending on the interests and prospects for the future of your kids, they might go for some of the specialized public schools in the borough. Most of them offer quality education for developing in maths and science. That doesn’t mean that the Bronx is only good for those looking to develop in these fields. However, the best schools highlight the importance of those fields, which your kids will love if it aligns with their interests.

School districts with the best-rated Bronx County public schools

School district 9 has 3 different schools within its area, offering different kinds of specialized education for your kids. The district has many schools, but these 3 are the best rated:

  • Bronx Preparatory Charter School
  • Bronx Center For Science And Mathematics
  • Academy For Language And Technology

District 7 is well-known for the two schools located here:

  • NYC Charter High School for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industries (AECI)
  • University Prep Charter High School

Finally, district 11 has one school that stands out:

  • Collegiate Institute For Math And Science (CIMS)
high school students and the teacher in the school hallway
Your kids can get the best education in school districts 7, 9, 10, and 11.

How to prepare for the move to the Bronx?

Whether you’re moving to NYC or the countryside, you need to prepare in advance. Without the proper preparation, many things can go wrong. You could waste time, money, and energy on unreliable movers, or trying to do things by yourself. Instead, you should look up reliable moving and storage Bronx services and try to pick the company that best fits your budget. You should do this a few months in advance to make sure everything is ready for the moving day. In the meantime, you should organize with your family and start preparing for your relocation. It’s best if you can start by identifying if there’s anything you might want to discard before the move. Trying to transport too many items can be expensive, especially if you’re moving something you don’t want anymore. Selling or donating such items can help you fund the move, or at least, declutter before packing.

man waiting for the kids to finish class in one of the Bronx County public schools
You should prepare in advance for your move to the Bronx, so it’s best to start a few months in advance.

Only pick reliable movers

Depending on the movers you hire, your relocation could feel and cost much differently. That’s why picking the right company can take time, and it’s best to prepare in advance. The best way to start is by looking up ratings and reviews of moving companies who could help you with your move. You can discard the ones that don’t fit into your budget and look for the more affordable options. Don’t make the mistake of only hiring the most expensive movers. Their price might not necessarily reflect the quality of service they provide, which can often be misleading. While the best local movers Bronx has might take some research, you’ll surely find the right match eventually. Make sure you get a quote from any candidate company before hiring them so you can know better what cost to expect.

You should only try getting free quotes from companies who offer them. The process consists of providing detailed information to the company about your relocation. After submitting your information online, the company employee will contact you, usually over the phone. They’ll discuss the details of your relocation and provide general options you can choose from. Finally, a specialized estimator will come to review your items before giving you the final price. The process takes some time to complete, especially if you use this method to compare different companies. However, moving to NYC can be very expensive, which is why you shouldn’t back down when trying to get the best price.

professional movers truck waiting outside
If you’re looking to get your kids close to the best Bronx County public schools, reliable movers can help you settle in any of the borough’s neighborhoods.

How to move your business to the Bronx?

If you own a business and want to relocate it to the Bronx, that might be a special kind of challenge. Mostly because of the logistical difficulties, you shouldn’t attempt to do this by yourself. While the scale of the job needed can vary depending on the size of your office space, there’s more to commercial relocations. Unlike when moving a household, commercial movers need to be punctual and treat all items with professional care. You should expect the same quality of service when moving a household, but the stakes are higher when moving a business.

That’s usually because any delays can create a disturbance for a greater number of people, or it could paralyze your business for an amount of time, losing you money. Make sure the commercial movers Bronx has can help you move without any delays.

As soon as you contact commercial movers, start organizing within your company. Ask your employees if any volunteers want to help with the move. You should gather a dedicated team of people who can oversee and help you pack and relocate. Most of the work needed should be left for the movers, but there are some things you can do without them. For, example, you should clear all desks and cabinets. While you could move furniture with documents inside, it’s best to go through them before the move. Make sure any sensitive documents are stored securely and that you know where they are at all times. Don’t create any room for suspicion, especially if related to sensitive information about your company.

people shaking hands in office
Commercial relocations require punctuality and professional treatment of your items.

How to best prepare your kids for one of the Bronx County public schools?

You’ll want to have a different approach to your kids, based on their age. Make sure you understand their needs and don’t dismiss any of their worries. Moving mid-semester might be a bad idea for your kids, as it can complicate the process of acclimatization for them. However, there are a few things to note here first. First of all, the best thing for your kid is to move a couple of months before the start of the school year. Unfortunately, this usually matches with the peak moving season.

This can be more expensive for your family than moving during a different time of the year. Usually, the most expensive months to move to are through May to September. This makes it hard to balance between budget and what’s best for your kids. Consider preparing a few months in advance so you can find the best deal during the peak season, not making it hard on your kids.


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