Tips on choosing the best location for moving a business

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For most businesses, location plays an important role. You can have excellent goods or services but, if your business is located at the wrong spot, it will stagnate. Or it may even fail. So, if you are planning to open a new business or relocate an old one, consider the location carefully. Deliberate on the critical components of your business. Consider which of the locations is best meeting them. Only when you are sure, you can contact Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC. They are offering various moving services and can easily relocate you to your new place. And here, we will give a few tips on choosing the best location for moving a business.

Will you benefit from changing the business location?

This is one of the first questions that you have to answer. You may already have a well-developed business. And it may be located in a good spot. So, if your job is expanding, you can solve the issue in two ways:

  • by moving into a bigger space at the new location
  • by rebuilding or expanding the existing space

Consider which option will be cheaper and bring you more benefits. In case you are moving to a bigger space, at a better location, it is fine. Otherwise, expanding your space at the already proven location would be wiser.

Street with people, and storefronts - choosing the best location for moving a business.
Downtown storefronts are a popular location for retail shops.

The important elements of the retail and the industrial sites

If you are in a retail business, you will need to be close to your customers. And you will need an easily accessible place. The customers and suppliers will need easy access. Otherwise, they will leave. Also, services like legal, accounting, etc. should be placed in easily accessible locations. And of course, there should be a possibility to park close to your shop or office.

Also, the other businesses, like production, shipment, storage operation, etc. must be located at the right spot. A decade ago, people from the industry sector were concentrated on:

  • Cheap land
  • Regular power supplies
  • Infrastructure
  • Natural disaster risks
  • Labor availability and their cost

In the meanwhile, one of the most important elements for success in business became the workforce. Technical development in most industries demands a high-quality workforce. And many such small businesses are located in the city suburbs. In case you are managing such an operation, you can count on movers Bushwick. With their skilled staff, they will help you to move fast and so shorten the downtime.

Apparel boutique with bags and shoes on display.
At the wrong spot, your new location can easily be overlooked by customers.

The business type is one of the factors that will influence your choosing the best location for moving a business

In general, there are five business types. They will be your orientation and help you to choose the right location. You may also opt for the rather popular option. Many small retailers are deciding to share space with another business. That way, you will be able to pay rent in some very popular places. However, the location itself will bring you better business development. However, if deciding to share a place, chose the partner carefully. So, let us see the coming business types:

  • Home-based business (in case you have to expand space, you can move to a bigger apartment. Or you can rent a storage unit at a convenient spot)
  • Retail business (downtown storefronts and strip malls are popular locations. However, you may find some other location where your business will flourish)
  • Mobile business (instead of being stuck at one location, you can make a mobile restaurant in an adequate truck. So, you can easily move. And instead of customers coming to you, you can go to them. And you can work in various locations. Of course, don’t forget to obtain necessary documents for such kind of business)
  • Commercial business (various offices, from a law firm, a beauty salon to medical office space)
  • Industrial site (we already discussed them above)

Before you rent a new location to move your business, check the documentation

Before endorsing your signature to any document related to a new office or business space, check all the documents. Make sure you are renting from the authorized person. Or from the legal owner. Also, check all the utility build. Otherwise, you may end up paying some outstanding bills. So, before engaging the movers Brooklyn, make sure it’s legal for you to operate your business in that specific location.

Also, before you sign a contract, make sure that the location rent is within your budget. And, keep in mind that monthly rent is not the only expense that you will have. Almost every location has some hidden costs. They will add up to your monthly rent. Such can be various taxes, upgrades, renovations, parking fees, etc. So, when discussing the rent, find out all that you can about the additional costs. Or it will be even better to talk to business owners in the area. They will give you all the necessary information.

When choosing the best location for your business consider your brand

When checking the possible locations, think about your brand. To sell goods or services, you must be at the right spot. Otherwise, your nice, new location can easily be overlooked by consumers.

people signing a contract while choosing the best location for moving a business
Before signing an agreement, check all the documentation.

Suppliers must have easy access to your new place

Some of the worst things that can happen are:

  • significant delays in delivery of ordered goods
  • running into frequent issues with inventory levels

Such things would significantly influence your work. And will easily lead to the loss of many customers.

Choose a business location in a safe place

When checking the locations, think about the safety of your employees. And of your safety too. Also, avoid places that are known for thefts and burglaries. Once you find a suitable location it will be time to get the commercial movers Brooklyn involved.

There must be demand for your goods or services at your new location

To ensure successful work, look for the areas with less competition. Also, don’t rent where your goods or services are not needed. A beautiful shop without a single customer coming in is not the aim of your relocation.

Always look for locations with good parking options

This can easily be overlooked. But, if the suppliers and customers can’t park close to your new location, they will turn somewhere else. Also, try to find a place that has a free parking space. You also have to consider your employees. They will need parking at a convenient distance. Or at least close access to public transportation.

What does this location say about your company?

Location is accurately reflecting the image you want to show. So, when choosing the best location for moving a business, you should also consider this. If the location was previously known for accidents, avoid it. You may now have the perfect place. But memory might keep people away from you. Also, make sure that you have sufficient space for your business. These are some of the factors to consider when choosing a new location. But we are sure that, seeing the place, you will be able to make some more conclusions. And that you will make the right choice.



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