Welcome Home! Tips for What to do After a Move

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    You’ve gone through the arduous process of packing up your belongings. You’ve hired movers, who loaded everything into trucks and transported it to your new place. Everything is off the truck and you’re standing in your new place—the place you now call home. Congratulations on a successful move! Now, the real work begins.

    That’s right, the hefty task of moving doesn’t end when the truck is unloaded and the movers are gone. There’s still a whole lot you need to do after the fact, including unpacking everything you own! As you get ready for the final phase of your move, keep these tips in mind. They’ll help you get settled faster and make sure you’re able to start enjoying your new space sooner.

    Unpacking tips

    • Hopefully your movers unloaded the truck by bringing all of your boxes and furniture into the rooms where those items will reside. If they didn’t, this is your first task. Get everything into the room it belongs in to give yourself a good starting point for unpacking in these areas.
    • Unpack one room at a time, starting with the most important. For most people, this is going to be the bathroom and the kitchen, followed by the living room and the bedroom. Try to finish each room before you move on to the next, so you can feel good about progressing through the unpacking process.
    • Don’t destroy your moving boxes! If you can, break them down and fold them up so they can be reused. If you have items that are going into storage, use these boxes to pack them up separately. Otherwise, you might choose to re-sell these moving boxes to someone else in the area who might be looking for them.

    Information updates

    • If you haven’t already, take the time to update all of bills, financial information, government paperwork, employment paperwork and other records with your new address. Don’t forget about any estate planning documents or things like your voter registration. There are many, many lists out there you can look at to figure out what needs to be updated.
    • Make sure you forward your mail as soon as possible, to prevent any lost or delayed mail. This includes updating your address on online sites like Amazon or Walmart. With how much stuff is delivered to our homes these days, this needs to be an immediate priority for anyone who has just moved.
    • Check to make sure your utilities are all switched over and canceled at your old place. Pay attention to gas, electric and water, as well as your cable and Internet. Most people schedule start and stop dates ahead of time, but it’s still a good idea to make sure these are being honored and that you’re not racking up bills at two locations.

    Easy-to-forget items

    • If you’re moving into a home, make sure you change your locks or schedule a locksmith to rekey them. It’s also a good idea to make spare keys and give them to appropriate family members or hide one on your property.
    • Go register to vote at your new polling place. Bring proof of residency with you to make the process official. This is much easier to do when you’re not running up against an election deadline, so try to do this as soon as you move.
    • Schedule handyman services or call a landlord about any damages or items of note from your home inspection or apartment walk-through. Fixing these items right away will make sure they get done and that they’re not forgotten about during the move-in fray.
    • Clean as you move in. There’s no telling how well the residents before you cleaned during their move-out process, so it’s a good idea to fire up your cleaning supplies and clean as you move in. Again, do this room by room to ensure a swift move-in process.
    • Check your moving budget to see how you did. If you have money left over, move it back into appropriate accounts. If you ran a deficit during your move, figure out where that extra money is coming from. Use the time after a move to balance your finances.

    Unpack and get settled

    Follow these tips to expedite and organize the move-in process. Done right, your move-in can be as headache-free as the relocation phase of your move! And, the sooner you get unpacked and properly settled, the sooner you can begin enjoying your new abode. You’ll feel welcome and at-home sooner than you think!

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