Tips for preparing your seasonal clothes for storage in Bronx

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New York City is known for its lack of space. Many people from around the world come to test their luck here. Here, their paths intertwine and they create what many recognize as authentic NYC culture. However, the amount of density resulted in high prices of real estate, and that’s why many apartments are smaller than in other places. Since the space is often tight, and the city is no stranger to snowy winters, closets can easily get stacked up. Many people hire some of the moving companies New York has, not just for moving services, but also for storing their seasonal clothes. The service can be very convenient and it helps clear up much of the precious space in your apartment. With all this in mind, here’s all you need to know about preparing your seasonal clothes for storage in Bronx.

Why should you consider preparing your seasonal clothes for storage in Bronx?

The mix of weather and real estate value in New York often works against its residents. Many New Yorkers spend very little time in their apartments and usually stay out for work and relaxation afterward. But, that’s partly because you need clothes for all seasons, and sometimes that can create a mess at home. You can consider storing clothes for any season, but winter clothes are usually the biggest problem. It’s the chunkiest and takes up the most space per piece of clothing. During the warm and hot weather, there’s no need to keep everything in your place. Companies specialized in moving and storage Bronx offers can solve your problem and keep your clothes safe.

woman stuck in closet
A mess in your closet and the lack of space is something every New Yorker will understand.

How to start preparing clothes for storage?

You shouldn’t simply put your clothes in any bags or boxes without proper preparation. Instead, you should make sure that every piece of clothing is cleaned and pressed if the fabric allows it. Make sure you check the label on every piece of clothing to determine if it can be washed or not. There is usually some way to wash everything, but not everything can go into the washing machine. If you miss this part, you might end up damaging something, so make sure you check every piece.

Note that your seasonal clothes are going to be stored for a few months. If you don’t clean everything your clothes will be sealed away with germs and dirt which will create an unpleasant odor. Even if your clothes were cleaned but not worn for some time, you should wash them specifically for storing. Once everything is cleaned up you’ll be ready to move on to the next step.

Should you vacuum seal your seasonal clothes?

When preparing your seasonal clothes for storage in Bronx, many people prefer using vacuum-sealed bags. They ensure that there is no air in the bag, which doesn’t allow any germs to get in. Additionally, vacuum-sealed bags allow you to pack fluffy pieces more tightly, saving much space. However, the vacuum can damage the fibers in your clothes when stored long-term. This doesn’t mean that you will ruin your clothes if you use vacuum-sealed bags, but some sensitive materials might lose shape.

That’s why you should reconsider using them. You can also put some pieces in a vacuum-sealed bag while keeping others out of it. It all depends on what is your clothes made of and how long you plan to store your seasonal clothes.

winter jackets
Not all clothes should be vacuum-sealed, especially when storing them long-term.

How to pack seasonal clothes for storage in Bronx?

If you hired some of the movers Eastchester NY has, you might be familiar with carton moving boxes. A variety of items can be transported in them, but you should rethink using them for storing your seasonal clothes. If you used vacuum-sealed bags to protect your clothes, carton boxes may be placed inside. However, the boxes are usually used to store items for a very short time. Normally, the boxes would hold items for only a few days, ending with the moving day.

Instead, you should use plastic bins and boxes. Unlike carton ones, they are much more durable and better suited for storing your clothes. Even with vacuum-sealed bags, it won’t hurt you to use them, just to be sure.

Plastic boxes are ideal for storing winter boots or shoes, but also for any other type of clothing. Since you won’t be storing the items for the move, you don’t need to address things that help with transporting the boxes. Instead, you can focus on making everything safe when storing it for a longer period. Things like room temperature where they’re stored and the resistance to it should be one of the first things on your mind.

Just to be extra safe, you should go for the plastic boxes with clip-on lids. This will make sure the box is sealed until you need it, while it’s very easy opening it. This is a great contrast to carton boxes, which you need to seal with duct tape and cut it later on when unpacking. Plastic boxes are better for reusing and mid and long-term storage.

people packing clothes
Plastic boxes with clip-on lids are the way to go for mid and long-term storage and they are always convenient when packing clothes.

How to pick the storage facility?

Finally, the last bit regards the storage facility. There is not much you can do to change anything about it, but you can be smart when choosing where to store your items. A simple warehouse will not do, because inconsistent or extreme temperatures can damage your clothes. Even if the boxes with your seasonal clothes don’t move, they are not immune to damage. That’s because even the most durable clothes react to the temperature, especially when stored long-term.

You should try to find a company that offers storage services NYC. Ask for climatized areas where the temperature is always in check. This way you can be sure that storing your clothes will be in the same condition once you need them again. Note that when you store seasonal clothes, there’s a solid chance you might prolong storing them, especially if you buy something new in the meantime. That’s why it’s important preparing your seasonal clothes for storage in Bronx as if you were planning to store them long-term.



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