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Moving in together can be a hard process and it can require a lot of time and energy. So today we’ll talk about tips for moving in together in NYC. First of all, you will have to search for reliable movers and packers NYC residents recommend and create a moving plan with your loved one. Moving in together can start with a single question: where will you live? This is the start of every move-in together and we will give you a simple answer: find a place that both of you like. If there are any disagreements talk to each other, that’s the key to every successful relationship and be honest. Since 2022, the prices of rent, especially in NYC, have risen by 28%. Let’s dive in and focus on tips for moving in together in the city that never sleeps!

Our first two tips for moving in together in NYC are budget and space

Talk with your loved one about the finances. If your relationship is “young” and you haven’t talked about money a lot, this can be a bit uncomfortable. But if you’ve already been through this then it’s a piece of cake. If you’re looking for apartments look on the websites like Leasebreak, Frēlē, or RentHop, but if they’re too expensive, try looking at Craiglist for cheaper options. So you should talk about some of these things:

  • Sharing the bills – the most common sense is to share them equally
  • Sharing the rent if one of you doesn’t own the place obviously
  • Make a monthly budget for food and try to stick to it
  • Talk about other expenses, like eating out, commuting, vehicles, etc.

Once this is out of the way it should be easy. Also, talk about searching for one of the best moving companies Brooklyn has on offer and book a moving date. Since this will also impact your budget and you’ll need reliable movers to move both of your valuables.

A girl holding money and thinking about tips for moving in together in NYC;
Budget is one of the first and most important things that you must discuss.

Now it’s time to talk about the second tip space. Since as we all know women mostly use more space for their clothes and other things, you should decide who gets how much space. Our advice as professional movers is to decide all of this in the planning phase. The sooner you start the better. Trust our local movers Bronx since they have seen a lot of problems every time they have started unpacking people’s stuff. If you two can’t fit all of your things into an apartment, think about renting storage.

Our next tip is all about the rules

If you haven’t been with your loved one anywhere so far this can come as shock. We usually love our soulmates and we usually tend to look over their imperfections; you’ve probably heard “oh that’s just him/her”, “aww he doesn’t like cleaning after himself, that’s so sweet”…Well we’ll have to break it to you, but you won’t like or tolerate this in the long run. So except for these behavioral adjustments, you’ll have to set some other rules, like the level of noise. Just imagine you had a perfect day at work and you want to get into the comfy home and get all warm in your blanket and just watch Netflix; while he wants to listen to some loud music and play PS5 with his buddies. This can turn into an ugly disaster.

Similar cubes with RULES written on them;
Setting ground rules is the top tip for moving in together in NYC.

If you are young and searching for a new job, you should consider one of the best neighborhoods that young professionals love, Queens. We are moving a lot of your professionals there nowadays since rents are cheaper than in the rest parts of NYC, like Manhattan. Also, there are plenty of companies that offer different connections and it’s well connected with the rest of NYC. So if you’re a commuter or working from home, it’s a win-win situation. A lot of people are also moving to the Bronx for cheaper housing options and Brooklyn since the crime rates are low and there are good schools (this is more if you’re planning a family). On the other hand, Manhattan is the best but the most expensive part as you already know, so if you have enough money, go for it.

The last but not the least tip for moving in together in NYC is to hire pros

We know that this might sound like a cliche but trust is this is pretty important. Since moving requires a lot of energy and time. You’ll have to declutter properly which isn’t easy. So think about planning first and then making an inventory. After that, movers Queens will let you know what is the best way how to declutter things; so make an inventory list and divide it into six different categories repair, donate, keep, store, sell and throw away. After that, you’re off to go on decluttering adventure! As the moving day approaches you should focus more on buying the right supplies and on packing the boxes in the right way. If you don’t pack and label boxes, oh boy, you’ll be in a lot of trouble.

A movering walking with boxes in his hands next to the moving van;
Hiring a professional is a great deal if you want a stress-free, fun, and exciting moving experience.

One extra tip is that what comes in the moving truck first, comes out last, so be careful. Also, there are different opinions on how you should label boxes, we recommend by item and room, e.g., kitchen- cutlery. So you know what goes where and when. Finally, if you want to skip the most parts and enjoy the time that you have, think about hiring well-trained, reliable pros that can do the move for you. That would be it for today thank you for reading our article and we hope that it helped you. We also hope that you liked the tips for moving in together in NYC. Have a nice move and enjoy your new life!


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