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Tips for Loading a Moving Truck

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Loading a moving truck is nothing less than a puzzle for the people who don’t know how to do it. You need to load things in a manner that enable you to use maximum truck space. At the same time, you have put up things safely. Loading done without a plan will only result in damaged or broken goods.

One of the people in the team must be designated to stay in the truck. This person will take the call what to keep where. He’ll make sure the things are kept in order. As everyone carries out furniture and boxes, he’ll make sure that everything is carried out as planned.

Items should be placed tightly in a truck. Pack them from floor to ceiling to make most of the space. Loosely placed items face the risk of getting damaged. For filling small spaces, use rugs, bags, small boxes, etc.

Loading should begin right at the front of the truck. Places the largest, heaviest items such as sofas and appliances first and work your way back. Lightweight and fragile should be in last or on top. Put furniture only after disassembling it. If you don’t have a full load, secure the back of the load with straps to prevent toppling.

There must be sufficient padding between items to prevent scratches and dents. Space between mattresses can be used to protect items like wall hangings and mirrors.

A moving company, NYC, you hire may also provide you some useful advice for loading the truck.

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