Things you didn’t know about living in Astoria

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The entire borough of Queens is a very distinct neighborhood of New York City. As such, it provides us with enormous quantities of different cultures, foods, traditions, and backgrounds. Because of that, even those that are living in the neighborhood might not fully be aware of the magnitude of the neighborhood. Today, we talk about things you didn’t know about living in Astoria and share them with you. Moving to a new city or area is never going to be an easy task. However, how you approach the process and control it will determine its smoothness of it. So, if you want to add another level of security in the process, you can consider hiring a professional moving company. Companies like Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC offer various services that can help you easily tackle the relocation process. Most importantly, you will have more time to deal with other issues.

Things you didn’t know about living in Astoria that wouldn’t hurt to know

  • Median home value: $772.700
  • Average rent per month: $1.750
  • Median household income: $73.000

Astoria is a neighborhood that is located on the western portion of the New York City borough of Queens. The area is bound by the East River and borders three other Queens neighborhoods: Long Island City, Sunnyside, and Woodside. With nearly 100.000 residents, Astoria is a densely suburban area where 84% of the population rents their home. The area was incorporated with the United States in 1839 and experienced a lot of commercial growth during the 19th century. Because of this, the area became one of the primary locations for immigrants all around the world. Low cost of living, dynamic atmosphere, and cultural diversity are just some of the things that make Astoria so desirable. Moving to Astoria would be easier with Astoria NY movers.

Astoria is on the top 10 coolest neighborhoods list

The one thing that you should expect when moving to Astoria is inclusivity and diversity. This Queens neighborhood is very diverse, in every possible way. However, the whole borough of Queen is quite diverse, compared to the rest of the city. Because of that, Astoria has been named one of the top 10 coolest neighborhoods in the US.

three girls buying food from a colorful food truck, to represent diversity in all forms as one of the things you didn't know about living in Astoria
One of the things you didn’t know about living in Astoria is most likely that the area is considered one of the most diverse and cool neighborhoods in the US

So, for example, hiring moving and storage Queens services would allow you to enjoy the extremely diverse cuisine of the neighborhood, as well as diverse cultures from all around the world that meet in Astoria. Some of the most common cultures you will encounter are Greek, Egyptian, Italian, Irish and Brazilian. Aside from having the opportunity to enjoy the company of people from around the world; you can also enjoy diverse cuisine, fun bars, a flourishing art scene, and a lot of different scenic parks.

It is home to the largest Greek community, outside of Greece

We already know that Astoria is a melting pot for various different cultures. However, the most dominant culture is Greek. Because of this, walking through Astoria might feel like walking through one of the Greek cities. From hearing the language in the streets, to enjoying traditional Greek food and specialities; it is a great way to get to know a new culture a little bit more.

a panoramic view of a larger neighborhood in the borough of Queens
Living in, or visiting Astoria would have you feeling like you are in Greece

The highest concentration of Greek communities can be found in the Ditmars and Astoria Proper sections of the neighborhood. Aside from the people and cuisine, you can explore the Greek cafes, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, and taverns, which all provide a sense of Greek culture. If moving to such areas is exactly what you are looking for, consider hiring local movers Queens NY to help you relocate properly. It would be no surprise if Astoria got the nickname “Little Greece”.

Things you didn’t know about living in Astoria: You can find the largest and oldest pool in NYC there

We all want to move to a place that offers some form of outdoor activities. Luckily, Astoria has a lot of those to offer. One of those activities might include going to the Astoria Pool in Astoria Park. This is an Olympic size pool that is 330 feet long and able to hold up to 3.000 people.

a picture of the Astoria Park with a large bridge above it
The prominent location of Astoria Park makes it the center of outdoor activities; One of those activities includes visiting the oldest NYC pool

Moreover, the unique location of the pool makes it one of the central locations in the area. Namely, being at the near center of Astoria Park, this large pool overlooks the skylines of Manhattan that are just across the East River. Aside from the Upper Manhattan view, you can also see the Hell Gate bridge on your right and the RFK bridge on your left. Again, this is one of the oldest pools in the city, as well as one of the most-used outdoor pools in the neighborhood.

You are to live in the city that bears the name of, once, the richest man in America

The neighborhood of Astoria was not always carrying that name. At first, the area was known as the Hallett’s Cove. However, after the area receives a small investment of $500, they decide to rename it into Astoria, after the investor. Namely, John-Jacob Astor was a German-born businessman that became the richest man in America in the 1800s. During that period, he was the nation’s first multi-millionaire, with his net worth being around $20 million dollars, which is roughly 40 billion today. What makes this one of the things you didn’t know about living in Astoria is the fact that John-Jacob never actually set foot in the area; although he could see the entire neighborhood from his Upper East Side home. Moreover, there are more places that bear the name of the Astor family, like Astor Place in East Village and Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

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