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Things to Consider While Moving Long Distance

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When moving long distance the company you choose to entrust your belongings with can make or break your experience. Finding the right moving company is just the beginning. Next you’ll need to pack all your belongings and pack them well! They have a long ways to travel and you’d hate for them to break. Hiring professional movers to pack is an option but sometimes that’s just not an option. So try our helpful tips to get the most out of your packing time.

1. Spend time in organizing your items
Before you begin packing take some time to organize your items. Grouping them into rooms and like item types will make your time spent packing much easier. If you’re having movers wrap up your furniture make sure you’ve left plenty of room for their work. Organize you boxes and keep all the things you’ll need right away in your new place in a separate container. Try marking the boxes with different colors of tape or stickers to easily understand which room the box is for. This will not only help the movers when you get to your new place but it can help your unpacking as well.

2. Go for a checklist
Making a checklist as you organize and pack is an excellent plan to insure you get everything you need packed up as well as giving you a baseline when you get to your new home. This way you won’t have to open every box to find that can opener you’re looking for. Creating a list of your belongings will also help set aside any fears you might have of losing personal items. Don’t forget to translate that list to a box. Number your boxes and put what room they are from! This will help you organize your list as well.

3. Pack properly
Keep heavy boxes smaller as you’d hate to pack a box and learn it’s immovable. Boxes from liquor stores are great for this as they are just the perfect size for books and other heavy items. Double wrap some of your more fragile items and pack them with your bedding to add extra cushion. Use cardboard over TV screens or frames to help fend off any brush-ups they may receive during transport. There are an incredible amount of packing tips on the web for all sorts of items. Don’t hesitate to search for a solution if you can’t find one!

Moving long distance can be chaotic and stressful but with some of these tips you’re bound to have a better experience. Make sure you’ve researched the moving company your using thoroughly and then sit back, relax, and enjoy your new place.

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