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    Being a large town, living in New York has its benefits and downsides. A lot of things can happen there, so sometimes it can seem scary living there. This especially becomes evident when choosing to move here. To make your whole moving process easier, it is crucial to choose the most suitable moving company for you and your needs. It is important to know what exactly you expect from a moving company, but also what they can offer you. According to experts from Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC, here are some things to ask NYC movers before hiring them

    Is the moving company properly licensed?

    There are a ton of moving companies to choose from, so sometimes it can be hard to tell real moving companies from scams. But if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is! Always ask a company to show you their proper license, or you could end up getting scammed. If possible, meet with representatives of the company beforehand or go to their headquarters or main office, so you can see for yourself whether the company seems legit or not.

    person writing down what to ask NYC movers before hiring them
    Before hiring a moving company always ask them to show you their license. They could potentially be a scam, so be careful!

    Has the moving company ever done your type of move?

    There are quite a number of different types of moving companies. Some are usually concentrated on one type of move, while others are open to doing a lot of divergent sorts of moving. This mostly depends on the type of equipment they use. If the company is not experienced in doing the type of move you need them for, it might not be the best idea to hire them. Depending on the type of move you need, you can choose different companies. There are two main types of moving companies.

    Residential Moving

    If you are moving things from your house, residential movers might be the best option. Residential movers NYC are mostly used for moving household items. There are a few benefits to residential moving, the first one being that residential movers can work on short-term notice as well as when planning way ahead. They will transport your things from one location to another, and it is usually reasonably priced. They most often charge based on the number of people required to do the job and, also, how many hours will the job take. However, you will need to pack your boxes ahead and unpack them when they arrive at your desired location or you can ask NYC movers before hiring them if they can do that instead of you.

    Residential movers are definitely the best when it comes to moving smaller everyday items.

    Commercial Moving

    Commercial moving is most often used for businesses and office-type moves. They can unload and move bigger items (for example printers, computers, countertops, etc.) and are most often larger scale. Because the moving is a larger size, it also requires more planning, so make sure to plan ahead.

    Businesses usually hire commercial movers NYC way in advance, so they can notify their employees about the upcoming move. Everything needs to be precise, and that is exactly one of the best aspects of commercial moving. There can be no time for losing since the schedule is usually tight. However, commercial moving isn’t only used for work-related moves, it can also be used when moving bigger furniture, such as beds, couches, and tables because companies usually work with forklifts, toe jacks, and hand trucks. This doesn’t affect the amount of care they put in for these items

    When it comes to important paperwork and sensitive materials, commercial moving is the one to choose then, since they prioritize privacy and are usually open to signing the NDA. Just make sure that you’ve picked the right location for your business before you relocate because a secure move doesn’t guarantee you a safe neighborhood. However, just to be sure, always ask NYC movers anything you are concerned about before hiring them.

    moving boxes from a house
    Picking the exact type of moving company you need can help you a lot!

    What type of liability coverage does your company have?

    Although most companies try to handle everything as securely as they can, there are times that items can get broken or scraped. You will most likely want to have your items stay in the condition they were in before the move. If that, however, happens, you should always ask for liability coverage. There are a few types of liability coverages:

    • Full value protection means that there will be the replacement value of lost or damaged goods in your entire shipment. Full value protection usually comes at an additional cost, and the cost varies from mover to mover. This can be really useful if you own a lot of antiques or breakable items (such as glassware) but can come to a larger total than expected.
    • Released value protection means that the moving company will decide the value of damaged goods. The benefit of released value protection is that it comes with no additional cost, and, in addition, you will still get a part of your money back. If you are moving everyday items, released value protection should be enough liability coverage.

    There is also an option of hiring a different insurance company that will work as a third-party company. However, this usually means there is more work and planning on your behalf. Additionally, it can cost a larger amount of money. In addition to asking about moving licenses, you should ask NYC movers before hiring them for a proof of insurance. Every legitimate, licensed moving company will be able to show you their own insurance policy when asked.

    How does your pricing work?

    Most companies calculate the whole price based on different factors such as the distance and time needed and the number of people needed for moving your items. For example, moving companies Manhattan will calculate your total depending on the amount of furniture and manpower needed, and it might be a little bit more than expected if you have a lot of furniture. That is why you always need to ask how exactly they calculate your total so you don’t get unnecessary expenses!

    Are there any additional charges I am not aware of?

    Just in case moving companies aren’t transparent enough, you should always ask if there are any additional fees such as packing services, moving supplies, or labor charges. You don’t want to be surprised when your check comes at a larger price than what you were expecting. In addition, always read the fine print of every document.

    coins and a house
    What kind of expenses there are is important to ask NYC movers before hiring them.

    How long will the move take?

    Most long-distance moving can take up to 10 days. For example, movers Bronx has, will need less time to move your things to New York. Local moves can take only a day. Always ask NYC movers before hiring them to estimate how much time will the whole process of moving your things take.

    Broker or carrier?

    There is one main difference between brokers and carriers. Brokers usually hire different companies to transport your things, meanwhile, carriers are with you from beginning to end.

    • The benefit of brokers is that they usually have more connections and types of vehicles available since they strictly specialize in finding the perfect carrier for you. When it comes to brokers, sometimes you don’t meet the movers before the day of the move.
    • The benefit of carriers is that they own their vehicles and before hiring them you will get to meet them in person and make sure they aren’t a scam.
    people checking moving boxes and discussing what to ask NYC movers before hiring them
    Choosing the correct type of moving company can be detrimental to your whole moving process. Without fail, do your research!

    Can I track my items?

    If you are a paranoid person or just want to make sure your items are safe, you can always ask your moving company whether they provide shipment tracking. In most cases, moving companies offer online free tracking, so you will know exactly where your items are at any point of your move. This can come quite in handy when moving long distance.

    How do I contact the driver?

    Just in case something unexpected happens, you should always be able to contact the driver. You don’t want to get lose your things or for someone to steal them, so always ask for their contact. In addition, contacting the company sometimes might not be an option since it will take them too long to get a hold of the driver and for fast-pacing situations, you have to think fast!

    Do you have a cancellation policy?

    In case you change your mind or decide to choose a different moving company, always ask whether a company has a cancellation policy. Some may charge you a portion of the original price, while others won’t. In addition, it can occur that companies have different amounts of time in which you can cancel your move at no additional cost. Make sure you are absolutely certain you want to move to NYC. If something unexpected occurs, and you drop your move, you can still pay a bit of money for that. So, always ask for their cancellation policy and try to plan in advance as much as you can.

    Do you have or provide storage?

    It can happen that during the move you are in need of storage. For example, your new place isn’t ready yet for moving your items in, or your previous home was sold, and your items need to be moved somewhere before the actual move. You need to make sure your company provides storage units. Additionally, if they do, ask whether they charge extra for the usage of the same one. Most of the local movers Brooklyn usually provide storage services since most people live in apartments and it takes a little longer for them to carry down your things and transport them to your desired location.

    storage units, warehouse
    If you are moving out and times don’t overlap, storage units are necessary!

    Additional tips to ask NYC movers before hiring them

    • Plan ahead. Always have your questions ready with you. Also, make sure you know exactly what type of answer you want to get. If the answer the company gives you doesn’t correspond with the answer you planned ahead, carefully think if the movers you are planning to hire are the right ones for you. Therefore, always prepare everything you want to ask NYC movers before hiring them.
    • Be careful! If something feels off, it probably is. That is why you always need to be extra careful and make sure everything feels in order.
    • Be sure of your destination. This probably goes without saying, but make sure the location you are moving to is the right one for you. Local movers Queens NY will help you move your things around Queens, but if you are not fond of parks and airports, moving to Queens might not be the best idea!
    • Find reviews. Read online reviews of the company or ask around for more information. The more things you know about a certain moving company will make you more secure when making a choice of hiring them.
    • Respect the moving crew and do your end of the job. On the day of the actual move, be polite and nice to your moving crew. Make sure you do your end of the job (for example, pack your boxes properly). Be prepared so everything can go as smoothly as possible.
    two women discussing what to ask NYC movers before hiring them
    Do not be afraid to ask NYC movers anything you want before hiring them!

    If you have followed our tips, you should be completely prepared for choosing the perfect NYC moving company for you. These were some of the most important things to ask NYC movers before hiring them. However, if you think of additional questions, be sure to ask them! We have covered some basic things that would be pretty useful to ask your moving company. But there are no stupid questions, so ask anything that comes to your mind!



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