The 10 best places great for singles in Queens

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People move for different reasons. But, regardless of the reason, the next place you are about to call home should fit you just right. And recommendations always come in handy. That’s why we made our little guide for the 10 best places great for singles in Queens. This will be helpful for sure, but we also want to give you one other quick tip. Do yourself a favor and find one of the best moving companies NYC has to offer. Since you probably have to continue to work while planning relocation, having a trustworthy partner will make a huge difference. And you deserve every help possible for sure.

How to find the company that suits you the best

There are so many different moving companies in the NYC market. And the last thing you want is to get some amateurs. That’s why you should understand that getting great movers Queens can take some time and effort. Of course, everything will be much easier if you have a friend who can give you recommendations. But this just won’t be the case for everyone. So take some time and do some research.

two people carrying a couch
Find reliable movers to help you relocate with ease.

You might want to look into some of the local movers Queens NY to see how long they are on the market. You should be able to find this information on their website. Also, see what kind of services they offer. Their team should have certificates. And look for their equipment, especially if you have some bulky items to relocate. On top of this all, don’t skip reading reviews that other people have left. This could be just the thing that can make a difference and help you decide. Before you sign the deal, get the estimates from at least three different companies. This should be free, so compare their prices and offers.

Forest Hill is number one among the best places great for singles in Queens

The unique mix of different things put Forest Hill on the top among the best places great for singles in Queens. Tranquil suburban life is combined with easy access to all the perks of urban living in New York City. Singles who prefer to come home and escape the urban jungle will find peace there. The place is just a short subway ride from the center of the city. The great news is that lately a number of new condos and apartment complexes are on the rise. Many of the bigger houses there have wonderful Tudor architecture. It gives a real aristocratic vibe to the place so people who appreciate art will find its place there with ease.

house in one of the best places great for singles in Queens
Forest Hill is number one among the best places great for singles in Queens.

Astoria is an attractive neighborhood

Responsible real estate prices in combination with close proximity to Manhattan make Astoria uniquely attractive for new residents. This definitely is one of the most desired areas in Queens and it attracts an influx of many new residents who love the residential feel and also an awesome location that provides convenient commutes. Access to all city parts is easy for sure. This area is named after John Jacob Astor and the place has a very rich history. This was one of the earliest centers for filmmakers at the beginning of the 20th century. Marx Brothers made many movies in this neighborhood. Not only that it has an awesome scene for foodies but also picturesque riverfront in Astoria Park. If this all seems catchy enough, wait no more, call the best Astoria NY movers to help you relocate there.

Long Island City can be the place for you

At the western end of the Queens, you will find Long Island City. This is considered to be one of the most exciting up-and-coming neighborhoods in New York. But nowadays this is actually one of the most desirable residential places. That’s why you will be able to find Long Island City movers that will help you relocate with ease. Easy access to Manhattan and convenient commute are the things that attract many people. Colorful cultural and entertainment scenes are offered there too. Art galleries, shops as well as locally owned boutiques are easy to find.

Kew Gardens

Single commuters love and appreciate living in Kew Gardens. It borders Forest Hills and has a nice tranquil vibe. Forest Park with plenty of green space and nice places for hiking is located just in the west of the neighborhood. Real estate prices there are actually more affordable than in the other parts of Queens. This is another advantage that attracts many single people there.

Flushing is one of the oldest communities in Queens

Flushing is actually one of the five original towns that were part of Queens County in the 17th century. Nowadays it is known as one of the melting pots of New York City. It has large Chinese and other immigrant communities. So more than half of the residents are foreign-born. This also means that it is a foodies’ paradise.

Sunnyside and Jackson Heights

Reasonable real estate prices, a low crime rate, and a nice location are things that are well-known for Sunnyside and also Jackson Heights, too. They offer a suburban, laid-back vibe. Neighbors are friendly and people there spend more time with one another than in some other areas.

Middle Village is the best-kept secret of New York

If you want to skip on hustle and bustle of NYC, Middle Village can be just the place for you. That actually is a village within a city. This area is pretty isolated and has little public transportation. This all makes it suburban. The majority of residents get around by car, and the majority of New Yorkers aren’t sure where it is. Even though it is only 30 minutes ride from Manhattan.

dog in the middle of the street
Middle Village really is the best-kept secret of New York.

Bellerose and Glendale are among the best places great for singles in Queens

We hope that we gave you just enough ideas on the best places great for singles in Queens. We advise you to check Bellerose and Glendale as well and then decide which area might be most suitable for your new home. The point is to find the right place for yourself. If you have time, go to the places that seem attractive and check out the vibe and how you feel there.


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