Surviving Your Move to NYC: Expert Tips From New Yorkers

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There is no doubt that New York is a charming city. It’s place where some people come to accomplish their dreams and others to have the adventure of their lives. Unfortunately, the experience of moving to NYC is not always as amazing.

If you’re coming to NYC for the first time, the experience is likely to be a life-changing event. The hustle and bustle of the city, the weather and all the new experiences are sure to teach you lessons that no other city could. However, if you’re unprepared, your move might be more stressful than it needs to be.

To help you navigate your move and settle into your new home with ease, rely on some of these expert tips from New Yorkers.

The best time to rent an apartment in NYC

One of the most common questions people ask before moving to NYC is, “When is the best time to rent an apartment in the city?” While you’re sure to find an apartment at all times of the year, certain seasons make moving easier than others. Here are some tips.

  • Renting in the summer: The summer season is the busiest time for the rental market in NYC. Lots of college students and business professionals move to the city at this time. While you might have a number of good apartment options to select from in the summer, it can be hard for you to negotiate a good deal because of the increased demand.
  • Renting in the spring or fall: Spring and fall tend to be less busy and are great times for you to get a good deal on a new apartment. During these seasons, landlords are desperate to rent their vacant apartments and often accept lower prices than usual. The weather during spring and fall is also great for moving, not being too hot or too cold.
  • Renting in the winter: Winter is the best time to rent a top-quality apartment in NYC because there is usually a lot of flexibility in lease start dates and a variety of available options. You may even be able to negotiate the rent down further.

There will always be apartments for rent in NYC, no matter what time of year. But if you’re looking for the cheapest and most seamless moving experience possible, it might help to time your move according to NYC’s best rental seasons.

How to survive your first winter in NYC

Winter in NYC is serious business. Many newcomers aren’t prepared for the cold air, wind and snow that blankets the city in the winter months, which can make your move jarring and unpleasant.

To help you survive winter in the city, make sure you have these essentials before arriving.

  • Long, puffy jacket: A warm, puffy jacket is an obvious choice for NYC’s winter weather. Pay close attention to the details of the jacket, since those can make a huge difference. A long coat with a hood will protect you the most from the freezing air.
  • Snow boots with warm socks: Regular or fashion boots won’t do much to keep your feet warm when it’s snowing outside. Buy a sturdy pair of snow boots made of rubber that have great grip. You should also get a few pairs of wool socks for added protection.
  • Regular and fingerless gloves: Heavy duty gloves are imperative during NYC’s winter. However, you’ll probably need to handle items, hold maps or use your phone while wandering around the city. Therefore, it’s good to also buy a pair of fingerless gloves that you can leave on all the time.
  • Hats with ear covers and woolen scarves: Hats and scarves are a must to keep you warm outside. The bigger your scarf, the better, since you can use it to cover everything but your eyes and keep yourself warm.

Having winter-weather essentials will make your first NYC winter much more pleasant so you can enjoy all the lovely things to do around the city. Make sure you factor in the change in weather patterns before you move!

Ways to chill out after a hectic move to NYC

Moving is hectic no matter where you go. Fortunately, after you get settled, NYC has a ton of local spots where you can unwind and let go of that moving stress.

If you need to chill out after your move, make sure you check out these top spots in NYC.

  • Visit a museum: NYC has a lot of amazing museums, but the Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the best. It’s the largest encyclopedic art museum, with over 2 million works of art under a single roof. The Greek, Roman and American galleries are of special interest for many visitors, but the museum as a whole is a fantastic place to stroll through on a relaxing afternoon.
  • Visit a library: There’s no better place to wind down than between the quiet stacks of a library. The New York Public Library is the second-largest library in the United States after the Library of Congress. It has more than 50 million items!
  • Relax in a park: Although NYC is full of traffic and activity, it also has a lot of green space. Just east of Times Square sits Bryant Park, a beautiful spot with free internet access. People come to enjoy the greenery or to eat lunch and chat with friends. And, of course, you can’t miss Central Park, which offers hundreds of acres filled with walking paths, nature and activities like the Central Park Zoo.

By planning ahead for your move to NYC, you can make the process as simple and easy as possible. Remember that you shouldn’t just prepare for the move itself, but the transition to life in the city as a whole. Despite the changes you might encounter, your move to New York is sure to be an adventure.

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