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When in need of commercial movers NYC residents trust, you ought to contact Ben Hur NYC - a top-rated New York City moving company.

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Being a business owner is an incredible responsibility with work hours that never seem to end. In case you are currently downsizing or expanding your business, you deserve to get all the help you need. With Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC, you will have the luxury of dedicating your time to your daily business endeavors, as we will gladly handle the most difficult moving tasks that are in front of you. Ever since 1991, we have been making sure that NYC’s residents get the services that they deserve – at an affordable price. With some of the best commercial movers NYC has to offer, your upcoming business move will be a quick and successful process. Give us a call, and save your time, money, and energy.

A conference room to be relocated by commercial movers NYC.
Return to regular business flow in no time – with Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC by your side.

Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC helps you conquer numerous moving challenges

As a company that has spent the last three decades in business, we know that every commercial relocation is a unique project. The needs of your relocation will depend on a few different variables, such as the size of your office, and the industry-related equipment. However, for a company of our caliber, it matters not whether your move can be marked as simple or complex, as we have the means of providing you with all the assistance you could need at quite a competitive price. Simply put, the job of our commercial movers NYC is to make your upcoming business move a bearable process. Thus, our Manhattan movers won’t hesitate to provide you with a plethora of additional services, including:

  • The disposal of unwanted items.
  • Custom crating of the most delicate items in your office.
  • Handyman services.
  • Installation of appliances and electronic equipment.
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly.

As a moving industry leader and one of the most experienced moving companies on the market, we’ll do our best to protect your time, as well as your money. That’s why we give you the option of getting an accurate price estimate at the very start of the process. Request an online moving quote from our team and let us provide you with an all-inclusive price estimate. We don’t include any hidden fees and extra costs in the estimate – what you see is what you get.

Keep your office items out of harm’s way with our commercial movers NYC loves

Without a doubt, one of the most frightening parts of relocation is the thought of some of your items getting damaged. This thought is bound to result in a lot of sleepless nights once you happen to be relocating expensive items, which is the case with every other office relocation. After all, simply take a look at all the expensive IT equipment in your office, as it will be enough to realize that you need some serious help. Considering the fact that our office movers in NYC have experience with the relocation of all types of items, you’ll find our commercial movers in Manhattan to be the perfect choice when it comes to preserving the safety of your items and industry-related equipment.

The interior of an office transported by commercial movers NYC.
Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC will ensure that your items enjoy a luxurious treatment, without the luxurious price tag.

It’s no coincidence that Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC is a trusted provider of moving services, as we are also a business accredited by Better Business Bureau. Due to the skills of our NYC commercial movers, as well as our high-quality moving equipment, we’ll successfully manage to preserve all of your office items in their original condition. That’s not a characteristic of our commercial moving services only. We also offer a range of various moving services in NYC, including:

For Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC, safety is the operative word. That’s why you can expect us to be 100% focused on the job ahead. Our movers never arrive at your property less than enthusiastic and ready to seize the day.

Receive a comprehensive moving plan that leads you down the path of success

A solid and detail-oriented plan is the start of every successful endeavor. Thus, it’s no wonder that our commercial movers from NYC make it their mission to provide you with one. Before physically relocating any of your items, our movers will first assess your moving needs. It’s our job to estimate whether your relocation entails any special treatment, as we aim to recognize any problematic parts. Moreover, our commercial movers NYC know that success is achievable only with good organization. Once every mover knows his part during the moving process, it’s much easier to work quickly and efficiently.

ben hur commercial movers nyc
When in doubt about what the perfect plan of action is, turn to our team of commercial movers NYC relies on for decades.

Therefore, our movers will create a tailored moving plan that’s going to be delivered as promised. We don’t like to make any false promises, as we are a reputable and transparent moving company. Moreover, we are a business, as well, which is why we respect your time and money.

Minimum business downtime and maximum efficiency

Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC is a company with a goal. And that goal is to relocate your commercial items in a quick yet efficient way. Every day that your office spends out of business will result in a lot of lost money. The last thing we want is for your relocation to become a disturbance. Thus, our movers will work efficiently, making sure that your business suffers from minimal downtime. After all, that’s why our movers work in perfect synchronicity and unison.

When moving an office, Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC should be on your speed dial

As a top-rated moving company that serves Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx, Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC is at your beck and call. We have hired commercial movers NYC business owners respect, and we have equipped them with all the necessary resources. Don’t hesitate to give us a call in case you need to estimate your moving costs quickly yet accurately. Ever since 1991, we have been making sure that NYC’s residents get the moving assistance that they deserve.

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