Riverdale or Eastchester – which is better for young entrepreneurs

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    It can be always a little bit challenging to find a suitable place for yourself. New York City is a large metropolitan filled with many employment opportunities. As a young professional, you can quite easily make a lot of connections, develop new business ideas, and get your name on the market. However, New York City is quite expensive. Since you are a young entrepreneur, you should dedicate your time and money to developing your business. Still, you cannot be too far away from the financial and business center of NYC. For this reason, you should consider moving with movers New York to either Riverdale or Eastchester. You should see which one is better for young entrepreneurs and for your own personal needs. 

    Criteria for young entrepreneurs 

    There are certain things that each neighborhood should have in order to be great for young entrepreneurs. First of all, you should take a look at the median rental price and the median purchase price. Unfortunately, you should always consider the price of your neighborhood. You should be able to live comfortably enough and always pay your rent on time. The same applies if you want to purchase a property. Then, it means that you have to pay your mortgage on time. Then, your new neighborhood should be quite safe. There are many parts of NYC that have a high crime rate and are not suitable for young entrepreneurs. You should feel safe and well protected when living in a certain area. Additionally, you should be fairly close to Manhattan since Manhattan is the financial center of NYC. Take all of this into consideration before hiring commercial movers Bronx. 

    two men talking
    Neighborhoods need to be safe and affordable for young entrepreneurs

    Get to know Riverdale 

    Riverdale is one of the safest neighborhoods in the Bronx. It is popular among families and retirees for this very reason. However, this does not mean that you as a young entrepreneur would not be welcomed. As mentioned, it is important to pay attention to the accessibility of public transportation. Luckily, Riverdale has access to the Riverdale and Spuyten Duyvil train stations. There are also a couple of subway stations and bus options so commute won’t be an issue. Then, the area has a lot of outdoor recreation spots. The most popular would be Riverdale Park. After a relocation with movers Riverdale NY, it is important to relax and give yourself time to prepare your new house. In addition to this, young entrepreneurs are usually under a lot of stress because of their job. It is important to relieve the said stress by going out and exercising. 

    Is it expensive to live in Riverdale? 

    The Bronx itself it’s not that expensive when compared to other parts of New York City. However, since Riverdale is one of the safest neighborhoods in the Bronx, it is going to be a little bit more expensive. The median purchase price is around $358,000. The median monthly rent is around $1300. In addition to this, you will actually have a wide range of housing options. You can easily find large single-family houses with spacious yards to more contemporary urban apartments. The general atmosphere in Riverdale is more suburban. If you don’t want to use public transport, it is quite easy to navigate it by car. Parking can be a little bit difficult especially if you don’t have a designated spot in your building complex. Furthermore, some buildings have waitlists. Therefore, start searching for your house as soon as possible. 

    people sitting in the park
    Riverdale Park is a good place to relax and destress

    It is time to get to know Eastchester 

    Eastchester is also a suburb of New York City. There are approximately 20,000 people living in this area. The majority of households are families with small children. Again, similar to Riverdale, this neighborhood is also popular with families and retirees. You will see a lot of families moving here with movers Eastchester NY because the neighborhood is safe and affordable. When looking at its population, residents are very well educated. Almost 31% of residents have a bachelor’s degree while 32% of residents have a graduate degree. As a young entrepreneur, you should make connections with other people similar to you in order to grow your business. If you have neighbors that are quite successful in their careers, you can always ask for pieces of advice. In addition to this, you might even make business connections with your neighbors. 

    The cost of life in Riverdale or Eastchester 

    Since you already know about the cost of life in Riverdale, now it is time to introduce Eastchester. A median income is around $130,000. In addition to this, the median rental price is around $1900. As you can see, it is a little bit more expensive than Riverdale. However, most housing units are owned in Eastchester while only 21% of residents are renting their homes. The median home value is around $620,000. If you wish to commute, the average commute time is around 35 minutes. Most residents own a car but you can take public transport as well. Most residents take the train from the Crestwood Metro-North train station, the Scarsdale Metro-North station, or the Tuckahoe Metro-North train station. Unlike Riverdale, it is fairly easy to find a parking lot, especially since you can get a parking pass. 

    a white building
    Eastchester is more expensive than Riverdale

    How to choose your neighborhood? 

    As you can see, it can be quite difficult to choose either Riverdale or Eastchester. Both areas have their own advantages and disadvantages. Eastchester is more expensive than Riverdale but it is safer. On the other hand, you can save a lot of money when living in Riverdale. Now, it is up to you where you want to live. Both areas are quite suitable for young entrepreneurs. In order to decide, you should visit both neighborhoods and see which one you like better. You can also consult real estate agencies in the area. This way, you can see what is currently offered on the market and if you can buy or rent something within your budget.


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