Remodeling your new Eastchester home this spring

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    Every homeowner wants to change something in their new home according to their personal taste. And that’s true no matter what the condition of the house was when they bought it! Maybe you feel the same, having recently moved to your new Eastchester home with some help from movers NYC. It’s a fact that most people choose to postpone major renovations throughout the winter. Instead, they wait until the weather warms up before beginning major home improvement tasks. If that’s the case with you, we’ll give you some tips on remodeling your new Eastchester home this spring! 

    Do some research before remodeling your new Eastchester home

    You may already have a clear notion of what you want to be done to your home. Most often, though, you may only have a sliver of an idea that hasn’t fully formed in your mind. In any case, conducting research is the first and sometimes most important step in redesigning a property.

    A person doing research on their computer
    Before remodeling your new Eastchester home, make sure to do detailed research on cost and materials.

    You should think about the scope of remodeling you intend to do and approximately how much it should cost. Another important thing to consider is your budget, and whether your renovation plans and finances are in line. You’ll need a reliable constructor, but perhaps you should talk to a professional interior design consultant as well. Just to be on the safe side, it wouldn’t hurt to ask experienced movers Eastchester NY for advice either. 

    Take time sort through winter clothes and declutter your house 

    Before you start remodeling your new Eastchester home, make sure you put winter objects in their appropriate places. That means you should safely store winter clothing in closets. Meanwhile, make a list of things you no longer need, put them in one place, and hold a garage sale. This could make you money while also allowing you to free up space in your home.

    Another fantastic option is to donate unneeded items to a charity or to people you know who are in need. You could also gift items you no longer require to friends and relatives. However, home remodeling projects still require a lot of available room, and you may realize that you lack space. That’s why renting a temporary self storage NYC while you renovate is an idea worth thinking about. 

    Spring season is a great time to install new floorboards 

    Spring is an excellent period to renovate your home’s flooring, whether you’re rebuilding a basement or finishing an attic. One of the reasons for this is that the planks will have plenty of time to settle down properly. Moreover, installing new flooring will boost your home’s selling value should you ever put it on the market again. Your skilled local movers Bronx can confirm this fact from first-hand experience!  

    A person measuring floor dimensions
    When remodeling your new Eastchester home, think about installing new floorboards.

    With so many different types of flooring to pick from, homeowners have a plethora of options to meet their lifestyles. For humid bathrooms, it’s best to use waterproof floors. On the other hand, if your household has many members walking around, consider putting down laminate flooring.

    Change the interior color scheme when remodeling your new Eastchester home

    The use of color is one of the most cost-effective ways to create a gorgeous new look in your home. Choosing a color scheme will also be one of your major decisions when refurbishing your home during this spring season. Decide how you want to feel when you enter a space in your house first. Then, consider what colors will be the best to help you accomplish that effect.

    A person choosing the color scheme
    Pick a perfect color for your home this spring!

    Everything from bathroom towels to area rugs to decor and accessories should be bright and joyful. A splash of brilliant green or orange may draw attention and bring a fireplace mantel or bookcase to life. Adding accent pillows is a quick and easy way to bring bright colors into your rooms. Also, if you want to actually liven up a space, don’t be hesitant to use prints and patterns. 

    Think about remodeling your kitchen this spring 

    Nothing will change the vibe of your new home like a kitchen redesign. Especially if you spend a lot of time cooking or thinking of new recipes to make! A full-scale remodeling with new countertops and cabinets might be pricey, but it will pay off in the long run. Not only will your house look better and feel cozier, but its value will significantly increase as well. 

    Of course, having just bought your Eastchester home, you might lack the financial means to do a full renovation. Don’t worry, because there are cheaper alternatives that will still have a great impact on your kitchen. For example, you could repaint your existing cabinets, add a backsplash, or replace the cabinet hardware. 

    See what other renovations can be done around the house 

    Following a long winter, you may see signals that it is time to replace your windows. For example, it may be time to invest in new windows if you notice condensation, cracks, or warps on them. Examine the outer living spaces as well, such as the patio or porch. If you have moldy concrete or wood elements, give them a pressure wash to make them look new.

    Make sure to take care of your front yard and main entrance to give your house some curb appeal. Refresh the entrance door with a fresh coat of paint and some planted bulbs or bushes on either side. To help welcome the arrival of spring, tend to the front yard and plant some growing shrubs.

    Spring is a season of new beginnings and the perfect time for remodeling your new Eastchester home. And that’s why we feel compelled to renovate and freshen up everything. If you intend to remodel your new Eastcheshe home now, our ideas will hopefully get you started. In any case, we are sure your home will brighten up this season!


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