Reasons to move to Noho in 2022

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So if you’ve decided to move to NoHo in 2022, we as one of the most reliable moving companies New York has, have decided to share with you the best reasons why you should do that. This is one of the trendier neighborhoods in New York City. One of the famous people that lived in Noho was the artist Andy Warhol. As you’ve probably noticed this is an upper-class neighborhood and it is located in Lower Manhattan. Since 2003 it has been divided into NoHo Historic District and the NoHo East Historic District. So let’s see what makes it great!

Move to Noho if you like culture and arts

Noho, also known as “The creative pocket of Manhattan”.  We’ve already mentioned that Andy Warhol lived here, but other famous people include the Delano family and Peter Cooper.  Furthermore, Noho’s old store-and-loft complexes, once known as the “Warehouse District,” have recently been renovated to match a more stylish and trendy urban design. But still, if you would like to see, touch feel, and smell good old Noho you can visit some of these places:

  • Bayard Condict Building is one of the most popular places to visit in New York City.
  • Merchant’s House Museum was built in 1845 and it is one of the finest preserved to this day.
  • Colonnade Road is also known as La Grange Terrace is one of the buildings from the Greek Revival period in the 1800s.
  • The Public Theater was built in 1853 in the Renaissance Revival period.
Tall building in Soho 2022
One of the top reasons to move to Noho in 2022 is that it has a special vibe. Especially if you love architecture you’ll fall in love with Noho fast.

There are numerous other buildings throughout the Noho district. So if you like the laid-back style of living you should consider hiring some of the best Noho movers. With so many coffee shops and retro places, lounges, and art-house theaters you can choose from; this would be a perfect place for an artistic soul.

Real estate in Noho 2022

When it comes to real estate prices they are a bit higher per square foot than in other neighborhoods. Therefore, you should search for a place to live before you move to Noho in 2022.  If we compare April in 2022 and 2021 we can see that prices have dropped by about 5 percent; that is great if you want to buy a real estate property here. Now the median home value is about 1.7 million dollars while median renting prices are about $ 4 200,00 as of April 2022.  We were speaking about a one-bedroom rental by the way. Since Noho is really good for singles, LGBTQ, Singles, and Artists. You must be aware that this is Manhattan area and the prices of real estate are high. Furthermore, this part of the city is nice and it has most of the stores aligned on the main streets so you can do shopping easily.

City building from above
Real estate prices are dropping since April 2022, so that’s a good reason to consider moving to Noho. Also, rents are quite affordable, while apartments are a bit more expensive.

Commuting in Noho

Now you must have asked yourself why do a lot of singles and business people live here? Well, the answer is the simple location and commuting. Noho has one of the best locations in New York since it’s only 1.5 miles from Wall Street, 3 miles from Rockefeller Center, and 6.5 miles from New Jersey.  This means that basically, you are about 20 minutes from the most important parts of the city by car or public transportation. So if you are a commuter this is a commuter’s paradise. Especially if you are young and prosperous, looking for a good career, this is a place for you! So don’t wait and contact reliable movers Upper West Side and get yourself a good quote. We must mention that it’s also a paradise for bikers, pedestrians, and overall all means of transportation.

Noho is also a good choice since the crime rates are low. This is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. There aren’t many families, mostly as we’ve mentioned are singles or couples. Furthermore, most people are bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Also, ethnical diversity is high, which is interesting. When it comes to average income it’s about 3 times higher than the average national at $ 160, 000 annually.

busy street in NoHo representing how do people move to Noho in 2022
If you’re a commuter you’ll find Noho particularly interesting since you can get to all other parts of Manhattan quickly. Also, this is a paradise for bikers, public and other means of transportation.

So should you move to Noho?

It’s time to do the math. If you’ve decided to move to Noho in 2022 and you are a young business person, professional, or single you should move here, just kidding. Noho is home for everyone, no matter what statistics say, you should follow your heart. Like every other neighborhood, this one has its pros and cons, but most likely you have to live here to see it. Don’t just look at photos online or read reviews, try to live it. If you think that Noho is the best place for you even if by all means and statistics it isn’t, give it a try. Besides all of this, Soho is one of the top Manhattan neighborhoods for history lovers. That is what reviews say but don’t we all live iron-cast architecture, just a little bit? So go ahead and try it.

Live there for a couple of months after that you can move somewhere else since NYC is endless. But there is one big advantage to Noho; it is an intersection. You’re in the Manhattan intersection meaning as we’ve already told you that you can move back and forth, up and down, left and right in a matter of minutes. So if you’ve decided to move to Noho in 2022 consider hiring moving and storage Manhattan to help you relocate easier. We hope that we helped you with this topic and have a nice move to Noho!



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