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Living in Manhattan means being in the center of the action in Big Apple. This is the most famous borough in NYC and many people dream to move their homes here. However, it is not that easy to choose the neighborhood where you would move to. Right now you are with us because you probably want to choose a new Manhattan neighborhood or to relocate to this brought for the first time. In both cases, our movers Manhattan will be there to ease up your decision. So, today we will discuss the most common reasons people are moving to NoHo. For that reason, keep reading and find out why you should consider finding an apartment in NoHo. With our help, you will realize if NoHo’s is a good place where you can start fresh.

Some of the most common reasons people are moving to NoHo this year

The first thing you should know about Noho is this is a small neighborhood in Manhattan located between East 8th Street, Houston Street, Mercer Street, and Bowery/ 4th Avenue. A long ago, it was a forgotten part of NYC. Nowadays it is a safe zone for many creative people and artists. To help you find out as much as possible about reasons for moving to NoHo, our NoHo movers will reveal why many people coming to this neighborhood of Manhattan. The most appealing things in NoHo are:

  • its energy, unique atmosphere, and vibe;
  • cost-effective housing options;
  • affordable commuting costs;
  • rich history, expansive lofts, interesting cafes, and fancy boutiques;
  • excellent location and many transportation options;
  • top-rated schools and educational institutions.
A person thinking about reasons people are moving to NoHo while looking at Manhattan buildings.
An ideal location is one of the top reasons people are moving to NoHo.

Once you decide to hire residential movers NYC and move to NoHo, you will become a resident of laid-back but also a thrilling environment in Manhattan. Whether you are a young professional or moving with a family, NoHo is a place where you will love to live. When you are in NoHo, you have quick access to other parts of the city. So, if all of this sounds great, start your search for a home within this neighborhood.

Start the search for a home in NoHo on time

If you ask any of NoHo’s residents to describe this place, they will tell you it is ”a supercool neighborhood with a soul”. It is a perfect blend of modern buildings, rich history, and a vibrant cultural scene. Also, according to Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC experts, here you will find all you need for comfortable living, everything is just a few minutes away from your home.

Concrete building photo
It might be difficult to find an apartment in NoHo fast.

Nevertheless, the most challenging task will be to find a home in NoHo. Due to so many reasons people are moving to NoHo, real estate demand here is always high. So, whether you planning to move to NoHo from Manhattan, Brooklyn, or any other part of New York, take enough time to find a home here. Although renting prices are high, you will get all you need for invested money.


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