Reasons for a family move from Long Island City to Astoria

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Astoria and Long Island City have many things in common. They are both parts of the Queens borough. Both neighborhoods are well connected with mid-town Manhattan. Also, both are located on the East River. They have a common border and are hubs for contemporary art. Still, there are many differences between LIC and Astoria. Some of them are reasons for a family move from Long Island City to Astoria. Although the moving distance is not so big, it is good to hire professional help. A professional moving company like Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC will know how to avoid traffic jams. They will also know the best and shortest routes for moving. With them, you will reach your new home much faster and easier.

Long Island City vs Astoria, which neighborhood is better for a family?

Astoria and Long Island City have many things in common. Still, they are different in many ways. Long Island City is a place of luxury homes. In it are living a lot of young professionals. Known widely by its abbreviation LIC,  it is one of the fast-growing NYC neighborhoods. Since many millennials are moving in, there is high demand for accommodations. So, one can see a lot of new constructions everywhere. However, so many new condos, apartments, and row houses are not lowering the rental prices. On the contrary, the apartments are becoming more expensive. So, many residents are moving in together with roommates. That way, they are trying to cover the rising costs. However, such an arrangement can’t work when it comes to the family move from Long Island City to Astoria.

View to bridge from Astoria Park - Reasons for a family move from Long Island City to Astoria.
Housing affordability is one of the reasons for a family moving from Long Island City to Astoria.

On the other hand, living in Astoria is much cheaper. There, you can afford to rent much bigger places for the same price. Astoria is also getting many new residents. However, according to local movers Queens NY, the inbound moves are not so high as in LIC. So, this is one of the main reasons for a family moving from Long Island City to Astoria.

Living in Astoria and working in Long Island City

What to do if you already have a good job in Long Island City? Well, after relocating to Astoria, you will be able to keep it. However, expect that your commuting time will increase a bit. But that is a small price for the comfort of having a larger space for living.

Astoria is one of the best places in Queens to raise a family

Astoria, regardless of the latest accelerated growth of population, is still a peaceful place. It is quite a diverse community. And, it is very friendly to newcomers. So you will adapt to it quickly. According to some reports, it is also the best Queens neighborhood to raise a family. Therefore, no wonder that the young families opt to rent there. And no wonder they are using the affordable services of the Astoria NY movers to relocate to their new home.

Group of people sitting on a picnic blanket.
Astoria Park offers possibilities for rest and entertainment for the whole family.

More living space

The bigger family you have, the bigger the living costs will be. So, moving a family from Long Island City to Astoria will bring you some benefits:

  • Pay smaller rent and get a much bigger space (this is very important for larger families)
  • Have more money remaining in the home budget (that you can use for food, clothes, etc.)

Besides, be sure that everyone in the family will accept the changes. Everyone will appreciate having more space for themselves. And, if they get nostalgic, they can easily visit the old home and friends.

Other benefits of moving from Long Island City to Astoria

Besides the said reasons, there are several other things that are important for young families. Here are some additional factors that can make the family happy in the new neighborhood.


It is very convenient when you can walk around and do shopping. Or, when you can reach restaurants or some of the nice Astoria places on foot. So, you can easily have a nice relaxing walk. And, you will not have to worry about parking and traffic jams.

There are good and affordable schools

Good educational possibilities for your kids are very important. Moving to Astoria, they will have a lot of opportunities to attend good schools. Both private and public schools have excellent ratings. Also, if you have smaller kids, finding preschool institutions will be very easy. However, in case your kids what to graduate from their old schools, no problem. They can easily commute. So, they can continue their education with their old classmates.

Possibilities for entertainment

Entertainment and recreation are very important for every person and another one of the reasons for a family move from Long Island City to Astoria. And, in Astoria, your family will have a lot of opportunities for that.  Astoria Park is one of the most popular places for entertainment. There, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful pool. It is the oldest and largest one in the neighborhood. You’ve probably already visited it while living in LIC. It is one of the most popular places to visit during the summertime. Furthermore, the park has many other amenities. And most of them are free to use.

Astoria can offer all those benefits to your family. Moreover, using the affordable services of Long Island City movers will make your relocation simple.

Row of the storage units.
In case you have surplus things, you can accommodate them in Queens storage units.

Check Astoria neighborhoods before moving from Long Island City

Since you were living in Long Island City, you had ample possibilities to visit various parts of Astoria. So, you probably know that it is divided into smaller districts:

  • Ravenswood – this is primarily a commercial area. But it has the residential parts as well
  • Ditmars-Steinway – this district is a very popular destination for young professionals
  • Astoria Heights –  with rows of detached houses, this is a popular residential area

After moving to Astoria, you may need some additional places for surplus things

After moving, you may discover that some of your possessions are not matching your new home. Also, in case you are renting, the apartment could already be partly furnished. In such a case, moving and storage Queens can help you to accommodate your surplus things. You will be very pleased with their storage conditions. Also, facilities are well secured. So all your possessions will be safe in there.

Living in the area, you can still find some new places

Reasons for a family move from Long Island City to Astoria could be different. However, the reason for getting more living space is one of the main factors. And, since your budget will now allow you to go out more often, you can explore popular activities in LIC and Astoria. Regardless that you were already living in the area. You can still find some nice places that you didn’t know before. And you can do that by visiting both neighborhoods: the old and the new one.




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