Don’t Forget! A Quick List of Commonly Forgotten Tasks During a Move

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    There’s a million things to do during a move. Okay, maybe not a million—but it can feel that way! When you start to list all the different tasks and chores before, during and after a move, the list gets very long, very quickly. It can seem overwhelming if you take it at face value. The good news is, most tasks are simple and can be spread out over the course of a few weeks, as well as over the course of the move.

    Despite your best efforts to do everything during a move, things are bound to slip through the cracks. Most of the time. It’s something small: you forgot to turn off the lights in your old place before you left. It’s not the end of the world. Other times, you might forget something big—like forgetting to forward your mail! That’s okay, too—these things can always be fixed. Nevertheless, it’s frustrating to try and plan a move, only to forget or overlook chores.

    To help you stay on-task and make sure everything goes as smooth as possible, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly forgotten and overlooked tasks during a move. Give this list a quick glance to make sure you’re not forgetting any of these easily overlooked tasks!

    • Call your energy provider and make sure there are clear start and stop dates for service at your old place and your new place. Most companies will provide a basic grace period of a few days to accommodate your schedule. This can be set up as soon as your move is finalized.
    • Internet and cable. These days, it’s hard to go more than a day without internet access. Just like your utilities, make sure you call the cable and internet company to set up clean start and stop service dates around your move.
    • Forward your mail. While it’s inevitable that some mail will still go to your old place, contact the post office to let them know about your change of address. Another good idea is to use a move as your excuse to go paperless with billing.
    • Change your insurance. Whether you have renters’ insurance or homeowners’ insurance, your insurance company needs to be aware of the move. If you’re buying a home, you’ve likely already talked to your insurer about this, but it’s worth reminding!
    • Collecting keys. You’ve likely handed out a few spare keys to people like your parents or your neighbor. Before you leave your old place, round up these keys and either destroy them or leave them for the next occupant.
    • Update your employer. Thanks to direct deposit, many people forget to update their employer about a change of address. Write up a quick email for HR or submit your new address to your supervisor so they can update payroll accordingly.
    • Change or cancel memberships. If you’re moving away from your regular gym or co-op, cancel your membership or have it transferred, if possible. You don’t want to go out of your way later to come back and cancel.
    • Update credit cards. The last thing you want is for your credit cards to flag purchases as fraud because they’re outside of your usual zip code or spend radius! Make updates to your credit cards ASAP before a move.
    • Update billing. Outside of utilities, the various services you pay for need updated billing. This includes your mobile provider, as well as any subscription services you’re currently signed up for.
    • Change your driver’s license. With a new address comes a new driver’s license. This might finally be the chance for you to take a better picture than the one you’ve been stuck with for the last few years!
    • Register as a voter. If you’re moving outside of your current precinct, you’ll need to re-register as a voter at your new address. Update your voter registration online and make sure you can provide proof of residence at your new address.
    • Change locks. This is something everyone should do after a move. Change your locks or have them rekeyed. You never know how many spare keys are floating around out there and who might have access to your place.
    • Do a walkthrough. This applies to both your old place and your new one. Before you lock up for the last time, walk through the entire house to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Before you move into the new place, do the same.
    • Test everything. Before you start unpacking, do a test of everything in your new place. Make sure all keys work in their respective locks. Check garage door openers and access control pads. Fiddle with the appliances. Make sure the new place is ready for you!
    • Update schools and daycare. If you have kids, provide an updated home address to their school, daycare or other important caretakers. This is extremely important if they ever have to get in touch with you!
    • Update doctors and vets. The next time you or your pet are due for a checkup, take a few moments to update the address on file. Again, this is important information to have in case of emergency.
    • Estate planning. If you have estate planning documents that list your property anywhere in them, these need to be updated. Whether it’s as an asset or for contact purposes, updated estate planning could reduce the burden of arbitration should the worse happen.
    • Update luggage tags. It might seem simple, but if you’re a traveler, this is one of the most important things you can do before your next trip! You don’t want lost luggage to get even more lost when it’s sent back to the wrong address!

    This list may be long, but it only scratches the surface for chores and tasks before, during and after a move! The good news is, many of these items are easy to update and accomplish, and can usually be knocked out in a day if you set aside the time to do them. Add these to your general packing and moving list, and you’ll feel better about not missing these easy-to-overlook items!

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