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Questions for Moving Company in New York City!

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Before trusting a moving company with your belongings, you should inquire about their services and ask them a certain set of questions.

Question the company representative about the company’s damage-to-move ratio. It is highly unlikely for a mover to have zero damage rate. A moving company should keep a track record of breakage and work upon reducing the risk of future damages.

It is always a good idea to ask your mover for a binding estimate. It will help you to stay in budget. If you opt for non-binding estimate, remember that local moves are normally charged by the hour and long distance moves by the weight. Ask your mover how they calculate the time and/or how and where they weigh the shipment. It is important to know the movers are coming up the shipment weight.

The above mentioned questions are the most important to ask to a moving company, NYC. Here is the list of other questions that you can put up in front of the representative.

1. What is the hiring process?
2. Are your employees experienced?
3. Do you give them any incentives for better job performance?
4. What is the cancellation policy?
5. Do you charge the travel time from your business to my home?
6. Can you provide me names of previous clients for reference?
7. What is the claim procedure?

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