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Protecting Customer Furniture on New York Moves

On a move in December we show how we protect customer furniture by carefully wrapping it with a moving blanket and wrap.

protecting customer furniture

protecting customer furniture1

protecting customer furniture3

Our moving crew is seen below protecting furniture and packing boxes at a move at 1010 E Tremont Ave in New York.
1010 E Tremont Ave

1010 E Tremont Ave 2

On our next move we see one of our very grateful customers moving to 41 Union Square West in New York. He is very happy about the move. You see us here unpacking a office desk chair and our beautiful trucks.
union square move

union square move2

union square move3

union square move34

Our next move on 363 E 76 St, we helped an awesome customer move their items. You can see we took a smile break while moving mattresses.

363 E 76 St

363 E 76 St2

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