Pros and cons of living in NoHo in 2022

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Are you thinking about living in NoHo in 2022? Before talking about the pros and cons of living here, we have to say a few words about moving in general. By now, you probably know that moving is considered one of the most challenging and stressful tasks in the world for an individual. Unless you follow certain steps, it’s highly likely that your relocation might take a turn to the left. That’s the last thing you want to happen. However, if you do everything right and hire Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC, you are going to have a smooth, enjoyable, and pleasant moving experience. Also, you should think of a place where you will relocate to. Since you’ve chosen NoHo, we are going to share some pros and cons of living in NoHo.

The neighborhood

Noho is laying between East Hudson and Astor Place or East Ninth Street. Once you move here, you feel soon feel that recognizable dense urban feel. Most of the people who are moving here are younger ones, which makes this neighborhood of NYC more urban. Also, it’s very much affected by hip-hop culture. Here, you will surely find what the word diverse means. Once you decide to move here, we highly advise you to hire residential movers NYC instead of doing it on your own since there are many things that you probably don’t know about. Movers will make it much safer.

a couple packing and talking about living in NoHo in 2022
It’s important to know how to move in order to avoid unexpected scenarios.

It’s a good place for families

As much as NoHo is representing younger spirits with its urban feel, it’s also a great place for families with children. When you move here, you will be surprised how many parks there are as well as nice places where kids can play. Another thing worth mentioning is that the schools are great here, and most of the time, they are scoring above the national average. Contact NoHo movers and set an appointment with them to discuss your relocation.

Job opportunities

Since we’ve already talked about how younger people are living here, that’s because NoHo is a great place for young professionals to chase their careers and dreams. Since the IT industry is booming and we’re living in the 21st century, that means that there are a lot of opportunities. Not to mention that this especially became even more popular since almost everyone is working remotely after what happened with the COVID 19 pandemics. If you are moving from Manhattan and thinking of living in NoHo in 2022, hire movers Manhattan and have peace of mind.

NoHo is a great place for life.

What are the bad things about it?

Since we are talking about living in NoHo in 2022, we have to mention some of the bad things related to this neighborhood in  New York City. First of all, life here is very expensive. From housing options, over food all the way to usual day-to-day expenses. The median home value is around %1.8m and rent is somewhere around $3,500. Also, the crime rate in this place is not that low, which is not appealing to someone who’s yet to move here. Finally, the last thing that people don’t like is that it’s very dense and overpopulated.


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