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    With all the responsibilities that come with moving, it’s no wonder most people choose to hire a professional moving company in New York to help them get the job done swiftly and smoothly. Trying to handle a move all by yourself is a recipe for stress! And while most people hire a moving company to help them with the physical elements of moving—loading, transport and unloading—it might also be worthwhile to hire them for packing services, as well.

    That’s right, you can hire movers to pack up your entire house! Often called “full service moving,” professional packers will handle your move from start-to-finish, including organizing your items, packing them, labeling boxes and making sure they get from your current abode to your new place. The question is, is it worth it to hire professional packers for full service moving?

    Here’s a look at the benefits of hiring professional packers versus packing everything yourself before a move. Which one is the best option for you?

    The case for professional packers

    Let’s start with the easiest option: hiring professional packers. While it comes at a cost, the benefits of hiring professionals are many. Here’s why it makes sense for many people to delegate the monumental task of packing to a group of experts:

    • Quicker packing for your entire home, especially with a team of movers
    • Better organization of objects during the packing process (by room)
    • Safer packing techniques to protect your items from damage
    • Can pack up oversized or heavy objects using appropriate techniques
    • Come with their own packing and taping supplies
    • Objects are insured and protected when handled by the pros

    Really, hiring the professionals boils down to convenience and peace of mind. Sure, you might spend money to get the monumental chore of packing off your plate, but you’re giving the task to professionals who can do it better, faster and more organized than you can. There’s nothing wrong with trusting someone who does this for a living! Plus, if anything goes wrong, you’re absolved of responsibility, so long as you hire a reputable packing and moving company with proper insurance.

    The only downside to hiring a reputable company for full-service packing and moving is the cost. But, if you’re already hiring movers for the relocation part of the move, what’s a little extra to have them pack up your home, too?

    Want to try packing yourself?

    Some people prefer to pack up their own home before a move. They might not want to do it, but they feel better knowing their items are being handled by themselves, organized and packed in a way that appeases them. There’s nothing wrong with this at all! In fact, there are some great benefits to packing up your own items before a move:

    • You know where everything is and which boxes contain what
    • You can pack things according to how you plan on unpacking them
    • You’ll save yourself the cost of hiring professional packers
    • You can pack in stages, over time leading up to the actual moving day
    • You don’t have to worry about anyone else handling your items
    • You can clean and purge your items as you pack them

    Ultimately, deciding to pack up your own items is a matter of control. You have the power to pack things as you want them and to make decisions about whether to keep, toss or donate items while you pack. There’s also a cost-saving element to consider—just remember that it takes no small amount of time to pack all by yourself!

    Time spent packing is obviously a drawback, along with the stress of trying to pack up your entire home—especially if you’re running up against your moving day deadline. Unfortunately, many people also cost themselves money in the long run due to poor packing that damages or breaks items.

    Cost, convenience and peace of mind factor in

    Should you pack all by yourself before a move or hire professionals to do it for you? It’s a question every person will need to ask themselves after they decide to move. There are pros and cons to both options, and it all comes down to what you value most.

    If you’re in the market to make your move as quick and easy as possible, and you feel confident putting your trust in professionals, hiring packers is the best way to go. If you’re particular about your items and are approaching your move from a cost-conscious standpoint, you may choose to pack things by yourself.

    Whatever your decision, make sure you prioritize packing—it’s the most important part of the entire moving process and needs to be done right, no matter who’s doing it.

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