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    NoHo is short for North of Houston Street, opposite with SoHo, South of Houston. It is in Manhattan. The fact that it occupies only a few blocks and offers so much is proof that the less is more. Noho is without a doubt an artistic district. We have Astor Place Cube and the installation on this very place is important because it is where, more than 30 years ago, Keith Haring painted his first mural on a concrete wall. The area is not only artistic but also a highly desirable residential neighborhood. There are tons of great restaurants and bars and NoHo is definitely one of the best places to live in New York. Therefore, if you want to grab the opportunity to live and create here and to do your own NoHo relocation process, check out Ben Hur Moving and Storage NYC to help you.

    Things you need to pay attention to when you are doing your own NoHo relocation process

    It used to be a forgotten part of New York, but it has become a sort of safe space for artists and creative people eventually.  At first, there were certain rules where “certified artists” could legally use their apartments. Often those were lofts in former commercial buildings, as live-work spaces. Later, things change, but the place has never lost its free spirit vibe and the feeling of freedom. NoHo is vibrant and always changing and that’s what makes it so special and fascinating. If you are one of the free spirits in search of something different, don’t hesitate to hire NoHo movers to help you in your relocation process. Besides hiring a reliable company, here is what else you need to think of:

    • the vibe and the energy
    • cost of living and commute
    • schools
    • history
    Manhattan bridge
    NoHo relocation will be good for you since Manhattan is kind of magical

    The vibe and the energy are very important when you plan your NoHo relocation

    Noho is kind of a hub for culture. The reason why we say that is due to its historical connection to Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat for example, although there are many more. NoHo has its theatrical and fashion icons and the scene is very rich. We have already mentioned Tony Rosenthal\s commonly known as “The Cube.” It is placed just north of the Public Theater. Moving just across the street you will find Colonnade Row. It is a very interesting landmark building that was the home to Astor and Vanderbilt families and now is home to the Astor Place Theater. There are many more theatres of course. Therefore, if you are one of the aspiring artists or only a huge fan, movers Upper East Side will help you in the process.

    Cost of living and commute

    In spite of the area having its“chic coolness” reputation and historic districts, the landlords have become more flexible recently. It is mostly thanks to the Covid-19 crisis. Duplex penthouse costed around 10,000 000 $. That was the most expensive option. On the other hand, the cheapest was listed for $625,000. It was a studio co-op at 308 Mott Street, a sixth-floor walk-up in a building with a live-in super. In March, there were 15 rentals available, while in April already only 12. The least expensive was a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment for around 3000$. The most expensive was a duplex penthouse in a 2010 condo building with two bedrooms, two half bathrooms, one balcony, and a private elevator, for $40,000. Residents praise commute options as the best subway ever. The overall impression is that the commute is great and housing a bit expensive but worth it.

    Kids at school
    Schools in the NoHo area are awesome.


    Charrette School is great and most neighborhood homes are actually zoned for this particular school. It has 719 students in prekindergarten through fifth grade. According to statistics, 74 percent of students met state standards in English, and also 78 percent met state math standards. That is really top-notch and above average when compared to other states’ statistics. In addition to Charette, we have Greenwich Village which has 669 students in prekindergarten through fifth grade. Although less popular, numbers are even better. 81 percent of Greenwich Village schools met state standards in English and 87 percent in math. So, if you are one of the parents that need to enroll their kid in school, no matter which one you choose you will not regret it. Local movers in Manhattan NY will help you in your moving process if you opt for this colorful neighborhood.


    The “used to be The Astor Library” is now the Public Theater on Lafayette Street. It is opened as a free library in 1854. In 1895, it became the home of the New York Public Library. In 1921, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society bought the building, but someone decided that they need to tear it down. Still, the city landmark designation saved it. Eventually, The Public opened in 1967. Of course, it was an amazing opening since it was with the world premiere of the musical “Hair.” We can say that it is one of the cultural capitals of NYC. Tons of cultural valuables are packed into this small area. The Angelika Film Center is also a great example of a cultural setting. It has been playing independent fare to movie lovers since 1989.

    A girl playing guitarre
    NoHo has been home to bohemians, free spirits, and artists for a very long time

    All in all, NoHo relocation will be a great move for you if you are in search of something deeper than “nice life” only. The neighborhood has plenty of great restaurants and bars, and even if you don’t have enough funds as an artist, you will learn how to leave cheap at this colorful Manhattan neighborhood. The chain stores here are awesome. There are expensive ones, but you will also find affordable hipsterish ones. NoHo attracts a diverse group of people, from bohemians to successful businesspeople. So, no worries, there is a place for you too here.

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