Moving your office to Clinton – 4 steps to a successful move

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The idea to relocate your office is never coming out of the blue. It is always a result of some external or internal factors. Maybe you are moving your office to Clinton because your job has expanded. Or you have found a bigger office in Clinton. So, soon you made the decision or found a better new office, it is time to act. You have probably already started to envision the moving process. And you already know that, with help of  Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC, your vision will come true. However, like with anything else, the process has to go step by step. The point is to make as less disruption in the work process as possible. So, let us see what steps do you need to follow to relocate your office.

Relocating office is a complex project

For many business owners, moving the office is the last thing they want. But sometimes it is necessary. What is worrying them the most is the impact on work and productivity. Fortunately, there are many ways to lessen the negative relocation impacts. For that, you will need the support of your employees. Nowadays, it is possible to keep some employees working from home. During that time, the other employees will be helping with the move. In this way, the office will not be fully operational. Still, some basic, daily tasks can be completed. Also, you will need to carefully plan every moving phase. And you will need a good and reliable moving company.

After moving your office to Clinton, you can sit at the wooden bench near the body of water.
A view from Clinton Park.

Four steps that can help when moving your office to Clinton

Here, we will present the four main steps to organize successful office relocation. Each of these steps can be further split. And you will do that during the process. However, you can take the following four steps as guidelines:

  • Create a detailed moving plan and the moving budget
  • Discuss the office moving to Clinton with your employees
  • Hire reliable, professional movers
  • Plan your new office space to add up to efficiency

Step 1: Create a detailed moving plan and moving budget

Moving your office to Clinton is much more complex than moving a household. For that reason, commercial movers Manhattan advise that planning should start at least six months in advance. In the case of moving the larger offices, planning should start much earlier.

Creating a detailed plan for office moving

Many people will be included in the office relocation. So, the moving plan has to be detailed. And it has to foresee tasks for each employee. Ideally, the business owner will discuss the moving plan with his direct subordinates. Each of them will get the task to organize moving preparations in their respective departments. They know all the employees. So, they can suggest a checklist for each of their staff.

Each employee will be assigned two duties:

  • To declutter
  • To pack

And the department chiefs will oversee their progress and their needs. Once the decluttering is done, they will know how much packing material they need. So, the business owner will have a clear picture of this kind of expenditure. Later on, he will include this item in the moving budget.

Typical Clinton brick buildings, street, and cars.
Brick buildings in Clinton.

Prepare, disassemble, and pack office electronics

In case you don’t have the IT department, you will need to plan some external help. The usual procedure is to make a backup of all office files. After that, they can safely prepare and pack computers. Also, the other electronic items have to be carefully handled. In case you have to hire external help, this cost has to be added up to the moving budget.

Prepare moving budget

At this point, you should be able to prepare the moving budget since you know most of the costs. However, you should also ask the Clinton movers to provide you with the moving costs. As you now know the number of items you are moving, they will calculate the moving cost easily. And this is the most expensive item in your whole moving budget.

Step 2: Discuss office relocation with your employees

As they are involved in the moving preparations, they already know that you are moving the office. However, you should ask all your employees about their opinion. Some of them will be happy to follow you to Clinton. However, for some, that will be impossible. So, you have to know how many employees you will have to change. So, you have to announce the vacancies and get the new employees. Also, make the recommendation letters for those staying behind. Or recommend them directly to some of your acquaintances.

Discuss new office layout and keep the employees informed

Show the blueprint of the new office to all employees when moving your office to Clinton. Also, inform them about the spaces foreseen for certain departments. At the same time, they can express their wishes. Some will like having the desk and shelves turned differently. Or would like better to have standing desks for work. Also, keep them informed about the moving progress.

Modern office with a man climbing down the stairs.
A new, spacious, and modern office in Clinton.

Give assignments to the people working from home

Also, assign some of the employees to work from home. Their work scope will be limited. Still, they can keep in contact with suppliers, customers, and business partners. You can also give them other assignments. They can contact all relevant bodies and advise them about the office address change. Also, they can arrange utility transfers. And, during this period, they will be under your direct supervision.

Step 3: Hire reliable, professional movers

Hiring a reliable commercial moving company will guarantee successful relocation. Also, local movers in Manhattan NY know the best and shortest routes. So, they will be able to bring you to the Clinton office easily and fast. This further means that you will be able to restart office work soon. And most importantly, all your office items will be safely transported.

Step 4: Plan your new office space to add up to efficiency

First, when you are planning your new space office, take care of the wishes of your employees. That will make them satisfied. And satisfied employees are always more motivated and productive. However, at the same time, make sure that employees can easily move through the office space. Also, position all the furniture and equipment to allow effortless access for everyone. Use the office move to improve the shortcomings of the previous office.

Unpack and restart the normal office operations

Moving your office to Clinton and following the major steps, you have successfully completed your relocation. So, now is the time to assemble the furniture, reconnect electronic devices, and restart the work. And we are sure you will enjoy yourself in your new office. Also, this was a chance for you to get to know better all your employees. And you learned that you can count on them.


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