Moving your office in Brooklyn: how to streamline the process

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When it comes to moving an office, everyone tries to avoid any difficulties. However, it is not always manageable to move your office with ease. Especially as you’ll have to manage all the relocation details. However, regardless of the distance, the office moving process can be quite organized, but with the right tips. So, make sure to read our article carefully and make moving your office in Brooklyn easier.

When moving your office in Brooklyn, keep your employees informed about the details

The first thing you should do to make the process of office relocation easier is to hire the best movers Brooklyn. Also, another important part of this process and your office, in general, are dedicated employees. Hence, make sure to inform them about your office moving plans. Also, leave enough time for your employees to accept the idea of moving your office in Brooklyn. This way, you’ll leave enough time for the employees that won’t move to look for another job. Also, it would be nice to help them by writing good recommendation letters for them. If you are nice to all your employees, maybe they’ll offer to help with office packing.

Send your employees a checklist about moving your office in Brooklyn

Trustable commercial movers Brooklyn have a good idea- always fairly treat your employees. That way, they’ll be more than happy to help you any way they can. And that includes relocating your office. Especially when it is logical that each of your employees best knows its papers and work-related documents. They know which of the documents are no longer crucial, thus can be discarded. Also, if every employee individually prepares their part of the job for the move, the whole moving process will be a lot easier. However, it would be wise to give your colleagues a moving checklist. That will help with the understanding of the whole office relocation process and everyone’s part in it.

A checklist prepared for moving office in Brooklyn
Make sure to prepare a moving checklist for your employees for an easier relocation process.

When moving an office in Brooklyn, be clear and firm with the packing of the office possessions

As we already mentioned, your employees can handle the packing preparation phase. However, it’s up to you to shape and handle the packing process itself. So, you can decide to hire affordable local movers Brooklyn and have them send the professional packing team. But on the other hand, keep in mind that your employees know best how to organize office material in the moving boxes. If this is the case, then it will be up to you to estimate the number of moving boxes you’ll need. Also, make sure to decide and prepare other packing materials, such as:

  • Packing tape
  • Plastic and bubble wrap
  • Styrofoam peanuts
  • Labels for cardboard moving boxes.

How to decide on the best options for the packing process?

However, sometimes it isn’t that easy to decide about the proper amount of packing material. And that’s why we think combined packing efforts are the best solution for this situation. So, you can use the fact that moving companies have proper packing materials and skilled packers. On the other side, your employees can have the role of advisors about which type of documents should be packed together.

Make sure to prepare properly your office electronic devices

No matter if your company has several or hundreds of employees, it’s a fact that every office is full of electronic devices. Logically, every office has computers, telephones, etc. Sure, if you have an IT team inside your company, it would be much easier to move electronics to another office space. They can handle the task of preparing and packing all the electronic devices. If not, you can always get professionals from Ben Hur Moving & Storage company to handle, pack, and move your office electronics. Anyway, no matter which is your option, it is advisable to unplug all your electronic devices at least 24 hours before packing. Even better, if you still own the original casing for your devices, use them for this cause. If this is not the case, let the trained professionals complete the packing task. Remember, it is extremely important to keep your electronics safe during transport.

A laptop and two monitors on a table
Pay attention to preparing and packing electronics such as computers.

When moving your office electronics in Brooklyn, keep data safety in mind

When it comes to moving electronics, you as a business owner have to take care of data protection. You surely don’t want to move your office to another space only to realize you’ve lost some precious data. Hence, ask the IT technicians to make the proper and safe data backup. Also, let’s not forget to mention that your date has to be safe to avoid possible hacking. So, data protection should be your top priority when moving your office in Brooklyn.

Update your office information before moving out to another office space

When the moving process begins, it is easy to forget to update your office’s online information. And in today’s business environment, you should remember the importance of the online presence of your business. Hence, before the relocation process starts, make sure to update your company’s website. Also, make sure to make the appropriate changes on your social media accounts as well. Finally, when it comes to the most important clients, it would be preferable to inform them personally about the upcoming change.

Woman typing on a laptop
Remember to change your office’s basic information on the Internet before the relocation.

How to move your art collection to new office space?

If you have some valuable art items hanging on your office walls, you should pay attention to moving them out. Especially as this type of item acquires special attention and skills to move them safely. If your artwork is very valuable, maybe the best way to go is to hire art movers to solve this issue.

After all, moving your office in Brooklyn doesn’t have to be excruciating. Because by following our advice, you can make it easy and go through this office transition with ease.

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