Moving to Riverdale: what should you expect?

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    Riverdale is one of the Bronx’s safest neighborhoods. And it is an ideal place for a family-oriented lifestyle. That is why many young couples are moving to Riverdale. It is one of the Bronx parts, located in the northwestern part of NYC. There is also located the College of Mount Saint Vincent. And the elite Riverdale Country Day School that President John F. Kennedy was attending as a kid. This part of NYC has the highest elevation. So, its residents can enjoy stunning views at Hudson River, Empire State Building, George Washington Bridge, and New Jersey Palisades. And, if you decide to move to this quiet place, hire the affordable services of the Ben Hur Moving and Storage NYC.

    Moving to Riverdale-Botanical Garden, Bronx.
    Wave Hill botanical garden.

    Few more interesting things that you will learn moving to Riverdale

    Besides President John F. Kennedy, a few more prominent New Yorkers were living in Riverdale. Some of them are:

    • Ella Fitzgerald – the jazz singer
    • Alexander Calder – famous sculptor
    • Lou Gehrig – the New York Yankees baseball legend

    Riverdale is green – which is one more reason to move in there

    Besides being an affordable and quiet place for living, Riverdale is full of parklands, and forests. So, if you like being in nature, you will love this place. There is situated the Riverdale Park Reserve. It has about 50 densely forested acres. Also, you can see a lot of black birches, red oaks, black cherry, and hickory trees there. At the southern part of the park is the Raoul Wallenberg Forest. It is a favorite place for bird lovers.

    Van Cortlandt Park and other recreational places in Riverdale

    In this part of Bronx is located the Van Cortlandt Park, a recreational paradise. In this park, which is bigger than Central Park, residents can enjoy walking on wooded hiking trails around Van Cortlandt Lake. There are also biking and running paths available. In this place, you can see and enjoy:

    • 13 cricket fields.
    • The Mosholu Golf Course – which is the only NYC public golf course.
    • Gaelic Park – another interesting green area where the whole family will enjoy.
    • Multi-purpose athletics facility – where is possible to train several sports. This facility is also home to Manhattan College Jaspers lacrosse, soccer, and softball teams.

    If you are a sports type, you will be happy for moving to this beautiful place

    If you like physical activities, this is the right place for you. A lot of greenery and fresh air will make you enjoy sports even more. You can either follow the forest tracks, hiking or jogging. Or you can join some of the sports clubs. Maybe you don’t have enough space for your sports equipment. And this especially if the whole family need space for bikes, in-line skates, golf clubs, etc. In such a case, you can always address moving and storage Bronx.

    A man playing golf on the green field.
    If you like physical activities, Riverdale is the right place for you.

    Other interesting places to see after moving to Riverdale

    Besides a lot of green areas, interesting houses, and wide, three-lane streets, there are several more interesting places in this area.

    • The Van Cortlandt House – this historical landmark was built in 1748-49. This is the oldest standing house in the Bronx. Van Cortlandt House is also known as the place where George Washington was living. He was accommodated there during the American Revolutionary War.
    • Wave Hill – it is known as the former residence of Mark Twain, Arturo Toscanini, and Theodore Roosevelt. Today, this 28-acre estate is a combination of botanical gardens, an environmental center, and outdoor art galleries. There, you can enjoy the live performances and concerts. Also, art and gardening classes are available. And both kids and adults can attend.
    • Memorial Bell Tower – this fieldstone and limestone tower was built in 1930. It was designed by Dwight James Baum. The tower is a commemoration of WWI veterans from Riverdale and surrounding areas.
    • Henry Hudson Memorial – this is yet another famous Riverdale landmark.

    The more you learn about Riverdale, the more interesting it looks. So, if you decide to move to this interesting NYC corner, movers Riverdale NY are the right company to hire.

    Real estate prices to learn when moving to Riverdale

    Riverdale was once a summer retreat for wealthy entrepreneurs of NYC. Following the fashion of that time, they were building their summer houses in Tudor-style. These mansions, offering the stunning view of the Hudson River, are surrounded by large real estates. After all this time, they are still in good condition. And if you have enough funds, you can easily become the owner of one of them.

    However, besides them, there are also more affordable housing options in Riverdale. The median asking price is $335K. The renting options are also possible. In case you want to rent, it will cost you $2,110 a month. The median housing income in Riverdale is $105,978, which is higher than the national average. However, regardless of the affordable housing prices, most residents are renting.

    A person is planting seeds.
    You can also attend the gardening classes.

    Restaurants in Riverdale

    As this is mostly a family and suburban-like area, there are not many restaurants in Riverdale. The reason is simple. Being more home-oriented, Riverdale residents are rarely dining outside. However, although a few, the restaurants have an excellent food choice. They are also offering a fine choice of beverages. And they have a stunning view of the Hudson River. So, besides good food, they are having a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

    Transportation and commuting after moving to Riverdale

    After moving to this green oasis with the help of local movers Bronx, many residents continue to work in their old companies. Luckily, commuting is no problem. You can use Metro-North, or one of the bus lines to reach downtown Manhattan in about half an hour. In case you are going shopping, it is better to use your own car or a taxi. Transportations costs are very affordable, so you can relax and enjoy the drive. And one thing is for sure. After visiting the noisy center, you will be happy to come back home. People tend to quickly get accustomed to Riverdale’s peaceful surroundings.

    Gardening classes in Wave Hill

    An old saying goes that nature is the best teacher. And this is showing true in the case of Wave Hill glorious gardens. Besides organizing tours for residents and visitors, they are also offering gardening classes. So, anyone interested may join. They have highly immersive programs that engage people of all ages. Also, during the winter months, you can enjoy the wide-open and clear skies of Wave Hill, feeling blessed for moving to Riverdale.

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