Moving to Manhattan for the first time – which neighborhood to pick?

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    When you are moving to Manhattan for the first time, it is important to learn a bit about its neighborhoods. Some of them will suit you better than others. What we commonly refer to as NYC, consists of 5 distinctive boroughs. And each of them has hundreds of neighborhoods. Manhattan is one of those boroughs, and it is generally known as the City. Moving to Manhattan, keep in mind that Central Park is on the north. And Wall Street is located in the south. Also, the north to south direction has better transportation possibilities than the east to west. And, when moving in, it is good to hire one of the best moving and storage NYC companies. They know the City as their pocket. Thus, they will know the best moving routes to safely bring you to your new place.

    The City can make you feel lonely at the beginning

    Once you find the place that suits you the best, you will be satisfied by having so many opportunities. The City never sleeps. So, you can go out at any time, day, or night, and get what you need. However, be prepared for the City’s intense energy. Also, you will find yourself constantly surrounded by the crowd. At some points, the constant rush can drain you. If so, use weekends to go to some of the quiet places. That will help you to relax.

    Being surrounded by many people gives a sense of security to many. However, after some time, you might start to feel lonely. If so, remember that about half of the Manhattan residents were born outside the USA. And they all, at some point, had similar feelings of loneliness and isolation. Don’t overreact. The feeling will eventually pass.

    People at the Times Square, NYC.
    Moving to Manhattan be prepared for the City’s intense energy.

    Renting in the City

    When moving to Manhattan for the first time, make yourself familiar with renting process. That will also help you to find the neighborhood which you can afford. The costs of the apartments are not high only in Manhattan. People living in NYC are paying about 20% higher rents than the national average. And, about two-thirds of the New Yorkers are renting. However, despite the excessive rents, the demand is still high.

    So, renting in the City, make sure to keep all essential papers with you. They usually include payment slips, employment letters, bank statements, tax returns, and previous landlord referrals. So, soon you find a suitable apartment, apply for it. You have to react fast. If you are not reacting immediately, the apartment is gone. Also, having a roommate to cover the rental costs is also very common. So, don’t hesitate to go for such an option if you are single.

    Moving to Manhattan for the first time – how to choose the best neighborhood?

    The only criteria for choosing the neighborhood are your needs. This means that you have to focus on your priorities. Various people will have different priorities. However, the most usual ones are:

    • Having kids or pets, so you want a place that will fit their needs (such as schools and parks)
    • You better like quiet and peaceful places
    • Being in the vicinity of restaurants, and eventful places are your priority
    • You prefer the places which are close to your job

    And for the best moving experience, you can turn to Clinton movers. They will safely bring you to a chosen place. Moreover, they can provide you with some additional services if you need them.

    Soho corner restaurant, where you can find a fun after moving to Manhattan for the first time.
    In Soho, you will find fun, and fancy restaurants, after moving to Manhattan for the first time.

    The best Manhattan neighborhoods to move to with kids

    In case you are moving to Manhattan for the first time with kids, you have to choose carefully. In general, you will need a neighborhood with good schools. Also, there should be some parks. Maybe your kids are attending musical or dancing classes. So, it is convenient to have such fasciitis in the neighborhood. However, you also have to things about commuting to your work. It has to be as easier as possible. Here are some of the neighborhoods that are good for kids:

    • Battery City Park –  this neighborhood has nice parks, great homes, as well as excellent public and private schools
    • Tribeca – also has excellent schools and many parks where you can take your kids
    • The Upper West Side – this neighborhood, besides good schools, has easy access to Central Park and Central Park Zoo
    • Harlem –  in this neighborhood, besides apartments, you can also find single-family houses
    • Hell’s Kitchen – this neighborhood has a very low crime rate and also the housing is rather affordable

    It is never easy to find good neighborhoods when you have kids. So, soon you find the affordable place that is also meeting the other requirements, react. Rent the place and book the movers.

    Manhattan neighborhoods that you may love

    Some people like to leave close to restaurants, and eventful places. In case you are one of them, in the City you can find many such places. And SoHo movers will know the best ways to bring you to one of them:

    • Lower Manhattan
    • Soho
    • Little Italy
    • Chelsea
    • Gramercy
    • Midtown
    • Chinatown

    Any of the proposed neighbors will suit your needs. In them, you will find fun, amazing events, fancy restaurants, galleries, etc. Also, there are pubs, bars, malls, stores, and clubs. So, they have everything that the young and energetic person needs.

    Wall Street signpost against building.
    Wall Street in the financial district.

    Moving to quiet and peaceful parts of Manhattan

    If you are of those who love peace and quiet, you can find many such neighborhoods in Manhattan. That is a surprising fact for so a hectic place, but there are several peaceful oases that you will enjoy:

    • Carnegie Hill
    • Upper West Side
    • Turtle Bay
    • Murray Hill
    • Lenox Hill
    • Morningside Heights
    • West Village
    • Lincoln Square
    • Battery Park City
    • Yorkville

    In those places, you will enjoy a simple and relaxed time. And that will be very refreshing after spending a working day at demanding posts.

    Moving to Manhattan to pursue a career in the financial sector

    If so, you are probably getting a job in one of the Wal Street offices. So, the best places for you are those within or close to Financial District. Also, you can easily find accommodation within walking distance of your office. And, hiring the Wall Street movers who know the area well, will make your moving easy.

    Visit various neighborhoods before you make a final decision

    Before you decide which place is the best for you, we suggest that you visit some of the Manhattan neighborhoods. The list we gave will help you to concentrate on those that can meet your criteria. So, you will see that moving to Manhattan for the first time doesn’t need to be hard. The important is to make your search systematic. That way, you will find the right home for yourself. 


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