Moving to Harlem with a dog: a brief guide

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    Moving is not something we always look forward to. Consequently, it is a process that is often full of stress. However, sometimes moving is the only choice we have – and move we must. On the other hand, moving to Harlem with a dog, for example, would require much more work than moving to Harlem on your own. Moving your pet with you will be as if you were moving another family member. But, unlike an adult, this family member behaves like a toddler. Much like toddlers, dogs require a routine that ensures them everything is okay. If you decide to hire Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC, know that, like most moving companies, they cannot help you relocate your pet. Now, logically, you can place your pet items inside the truck. But, you cannot place your pet in it. This means that the dog has to go with you.

    Moving to Harlem with a dog – Everything you need to know

    Harlem is a neighborhood in Upper Manhattan. The neighborhood has slightly more than 200.000 residents living in it. It is a densely populated, urban neighborhood where the majority of the population rents a home instead of owning it. Namely, around 87% of the population is renting a home. The median home value in Harlem is around $850.000, while the monthly rent averages $1.300. The median household income is $53.000. In addition, the Harlem community is very diverse and about 24% of the population are families with children. Also known as the “Uptown”, Harlem is composed out of three areas: West, East, and Central Harlem. If moving to Harlem is something you want, consider hiring moving and storage Manhattan services to make this easier. Harlem is the birthplace of the “Harlem Renaissance”, which allowed the artistic and ideological growth of the black community in the area during the 1920s and 1930s.

    a dogs head peaking outside of a backseat car window to represent moving to Harlem with a dog
    You and your pet will both surely enjoy this little road trip

    Take your dog to a visit to your new home

    Your dog thinks of safety and comfort when they enter your home. If you were to suddenly change that, your dog would be under a lot of stress. This is something you definitely do not want to occur while you are moving. So, to prevent it from happening, make sure you take your dog on a visit to your new home. Allow the dog to sniff around and get to know the surroundings. That way, once you finally do arrive, your dog will adapt much easier.

    If you have agreed with local movers Manhattan NY about the relocation, you can set aside a couple of hours to make this trip. Hiring professional movers will allow you to open up your schedule more. Therefore, you should definitely use some of the free time you have to do this. You can also use this visit to make further plans about moving in.

    The Harlem parks would be a great place for a nice walk

    While in the neighborhood, take a stroll around it with your dog. Luckily, Harlem is full of parks that are waiting to be explored. This will help your dog get to know the surroundings and help you do the same. Most importantly, this will ensure that your dog is soothed and not overly excited when you arrive at your new home.

    a white dog jumping in a dog park
    Use the opportunity to get to know the area by taking a stroll around the neighborhood

    By allowing the dog to learn more about the new surroundings you ensure that everything goes smooth during this transition. Because dogs, like toddlers, can be under a large amount of stress due to sudden changes, this is another way you can help them deal with it. Make sure you do this at least once before moving in. Later, when movers Harlem NYC relocate you, make sure you visit:

    • St. Nicholas Park
    • Marcus Garvey Park
    • Holcombe Rucker Park
    • Morningside Park
    • Riverbank State Park, etc.

    Moving to Harlem with a dog means you have to go visit the vet

    It is crucial that you pay your vet a visit. Because you are moving into a new neighborhood, you would want to gather as much advice as possible. And who better to give you that advice than the vet? On the other hand, your vet most likely has all the medical records of your dog. These records are very important when you are moving with a pet. Most importantly, they are vital if you are moving to a new state which might have certain pet entry rules.

    a person injecting liquid into a dogs mouth with a syringe
    Moving to Harlem with a dog means you have to visit the vet; Both for useful advice and a general checkup of your dog

    Aside from providing you with crucial documentation, you should also utilize the visit to have a check-up of your dog. Do a routine check-up just to be sure everything is fine before you set for your new home. Finally, you can ask the vet all of the things that you would want to know before you start to move.

    NYC is a big city, so prepare to spend time in traffic

    You are most likely going to spend at least a couple of hours in your vehicle. Even if you have to spend more than that, make sure that you have everything you and your dog might need. Pack an essentials box that will contain all of the important things that will be needed on the road, like water, food, toys, leashes and dog cages, etc. Essentially, if you are moving to Harlem with a dog, make sure that you can satisfy all of the basic needs without having to leave the car or go to the store. The neighborhood of Harlem has a very good and vibrant community and the neighborhood caters to pet owners with a lot of parks in the vicinity. To make sure you and your dog enjoy that, pack everything both of you will need while on the road.


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