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Moving Tips For Students

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Moving out of your family house to a rented accommodation for the first time may sound exciting. The below mentioned tips might help you move to a college dormitory or a rented apartment conveniently.

Organize: Before you begin the process of packing, organize your belongings and separate the things you do not want to take along. Since college dorm rooms are normally cramped, you should pack only the essential items.

Check the Damage: Do not forget to check the damage from previous tenants if you are moving into a house or apartment. It will ensure that you do not get charged for someone else’s negligence.

Essential Services: Whether you are moving into a dormitory or a rented apartment, do not forget to set the the basic essential services such as cable, internet and electricity. You do not want to be stranded when you finally arrive at your new space.

Fragile Items: You may mark the boxes with adequate information about the stuff inside them. In case the box has some damage-prone items then you may mark fragile on them. You may also use old newspapers, plastic bags, dish towels and worn-out clothes to protect fragile items such as glassware, computer etc.

Seek Help from Family: Moving in by yourself can be a dreadful experience. You may seek the help of family and friends to assist you in moving furniture and other heavy items.

Avoid Shopping Right Away: The first and foremost thing you want to do is to hit the stores and buy essential necessities before moving into your dorm or apartment. It will be advisable for you to wait for some more time as you may end up purchasing things that you may not need at all. It will be ideal for you to shop with your roommates so that you can split costs. By this time, you will also get better idea about the items you actually require.

Discounts: Since you are already paying your tuition fees, you may ask for student discounts to save your money. Various grocery stores, restaurants and moving companies offer student discounts. So, you should always keep your student I.D. handy to avail such discounts whenever possible.

Effective Layout: It will be better to draw up a floor plan of your dormitory or apartment as it is important to have an effective layout for a small space. It will help you figure out the best way that your furniture should be arranged in the new space.

A student moving to a college dormitory or rented apartment may go through the above mentioned tips to make the entire process of relocating easier and full of fun.

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