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Self Service Moving Options

Move it Yourself

Ben Hur’s self-service moving gives you the best combination of our moving expertise with the affordability of moving your own belongings.

Pack Your Belongings

With our self-service moving you pack your own belongings. You can provide your own boxes or purchase them from our store. One of the benefits of self-moving is you are able to organize and pack your belongings according to your preferences. On moving day, you’ll also have the opportunity to pack the truck. We’ll handle braving the city streets and bringing the truck to your current residence so that you can fill it how you like. Just make sure everything is secure and good to go. You’ll have a lock and key for the truck and be able to keep the key with you during your rental.

We Manage the Streets

Upon a decided time we will return and drive the truck from your current residence to your new home. You don’t have to go through the hassle of renting a large truck, driving in the city, or dealing with commercial licenses or insurance worries. We will deal with road hazards and parking leaving you to pay attention to more important issues. We do the hard part for you, you’ll just have to figure out the heavy lifting. Once we meet back up at your new home you’ll unpack the truck and we’ll take it away when you’re done.

Budget Friendly

This option is extremely budget friendly and works great for people who prefer their own schedule. Ben Hur Moving will still be there to provide support throughout the entire process. We’ll help plan and execute your moving strategy – just at your own pace. Our supplies are still available for purchase and our additional services can still be added.