Moving rugs and carpets: the easiest ways to do it

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When someone makes a decision to change the location of their home, almost always the first feeling is excitement and joy. And these emotions must carry you through the whole process. Because, very often, that person finds out about the overwhelming amount of tasks that have to do. And don’t even know how to manage them all. Moving rugs and carpets can be a tricky thing to do if you don’t have a clue how to approach it. So the best thing that person who lives in the New York area can do is to hire movers NYC and let them handle all those hardships.

Choosing the best movers for you

Since the moving market is getting bigger every day, it gets challenging to find just the right moving company for yourself. You can start by looking for some local moving companies NYC based. Locals will know the pace of the city and all the challenges that can happen on a moving day. And that is exactly who you want to have by your side – someone with experience.

moving company man
Choose the best moving company you can find.

Many New Yorkers change their home but stay in the city. If you are one of them, find residential movers NYC.  The perks of hiring them is that they are specialized in moving in the Big Apple, but their services don’t cost as much as those who will need to do relocation from one town to another.

The easiest way on moving rugs and carpets

Maybe you feel like you need a bigger space. But in a city like New York, that is not such an easy decision. So think twice before you decide and try to look for the signs you are ready for moving to a larger space. If you come up with a positive outcome, you will most probably think of moving rugs and carpets there. But is there an easy way to do it? Let’s find out.

Packing process

One of the first things to take care of when you decide to move is the packing process. It can be intimidating if you have never done it before. So have in mind that you can ask your movers to help you with packing. They will charge this service extra, but you will have peace of mind. The other option is to pack all by yourself. And it all seems manageable until you face some bulky and heavy item. Rugs and carpets could be one of those, for sure.

Ask your movers if you need some help with packing your carpets and rugs.

Now you understand that the best way before you throw yourself in actual packing is to organize well. This is not a new thing but can be overlooked. So start things the right way. Write down all you can pack with ease and all that you will need some more information on or some additional help.

Things you have to do before packing your rugs and carpets

You shouldn’t rush your move if that is possible. That way you will have to do everything right and that will affect unpacking and the start of your new life. The best thing is to clean every item before packing it. So you should really clean and wash your rugs and carpets, too. Remove every stain and clean food leftovers. If there are some serious stains or you just postponed this for a long time, you have an option to delegate some cleaning service to do it for you. However, if you are tidy and clean your carpet on the regular basis, simply vacuuming can be enough. Have in mind that if you choose to wash your rugs, you need to have enough time to dry it well before packing. Moisture can damage it and invite some mold. And that is the last thing you need.

Prepare your rugs and carpets

After you clean and dry it well, lay down your rugs and carpets. They have to be on a flat surface and the soft side should be facing up. With huge carpets, you will need some help, so ask your friend to come over and give you a hand. If this is not an option, tell your movers that you will need their help on a moving day. They will cont that in, so they come prepared with trained professionals or even some equipment if needed. They will know the right way to protect and pack your carpet with ease.

moving rugs and carpets
Clean them well before moving rugs and carpets.

If you decide to roll up your rug like a professional, buy an archival tube. You can use also a cardboard rug tube. Home improvements stores have those, so you can find them there. The archival tube will help. You will be able to roll up your carpet in less time. But not only that, it will give you internal support to it. That will help to prevent bending and wrinkling during the move and the period when people carry them to your new home. If you have an old rug that is turned on the back, you should pack them with the soft side facing down. That will help to manage the form during the transport. And be sure to get the tube for that rug.

Tie it up

After you finish rolling your rug or carpet, you have to tie it up in several places. That will protect it and secure they don’t lose the form. Use a rope or strips of some fabric. You don’t want to tie it too lightly. Do this before placing it in a moving truck. This will prevent from unrolling during the transport. And the same rules apply if you want to put it in a storage unit. Your movers will help you with choosing some of the storage solutions that work the best for you. So we do hope that you realized that moving rugs and carpets can be done with ease. You just need some information and some packing material. Take time and do everything the right way. You will never regret the time invested in cleaning and drying your things before moving day.

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