Moving Local vs Long-Distance: Differences&Difficulties

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Before starting your packing and moving process, you need to get one thing straight – moving local vs long-distance? Moving is a difficult process by itself, and people usually describe it as one of the hardest changes in a person’s life. That’s why good preparation and setting the right expectations are key. You have to know what to expect from your move, and that starts with determining the type of move. Moving local and moving long-distance show many differences and you have to prepare well from the start. However, do not get discouraged too quickly. With the right support, everything can be done easily. And help is right around the corner, just call Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC and half of your work is done.

Moving Local vs Long-Distance

It is very obvious that these two types of relocation are different. However, people tend to overlook certain aspects. The lack of awareness of all potential problems and difficulties can cause serious consequences. First of all, you will have to learn what makes a move local one, and what makes a long-distance one. Hint: it’s not just the length of the road.

How do you know that you are moving locally?

Although it depends on your moving company and the state you’re living in, a local move is usually within one state. For example, if you’re moving from one place in the state of New York to another, that’s a local move. Moving from Brooklyn to another part of the state with local movers Brooklyn is another example.

Some people consider a local move to be limited by distance. One example is that it usually happens when the distance between your old and new home is 50 miles or less. Some even say that it’s 100 miles or less. However, for example, local movers in Manhattan do not go over the state borders no matter the distance.

measuring tape
Sometimes the mileage determines whether a move is local or long-distance.

What is a long-distance move?

Similar to moving locally, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what long-distance moving is. One of the usual determiners is that the distance between your old and new home is more than 400 miles. There are many things to consider when opting to move long-distance. Choosing a moving company is one of them. There are companies designed for long-distance moves, as well as local ones, like local movers Queens NY.

Moving Local vs Long-Distance – What are the differences?

There are numerous differences between these types of relocation. In order to make it as simple as possible, we will give you a categorized list of these differences.

  • Financial differences
  • Time differences
  • Packing and preparation


Any major life change is always a financial burden. Whether it be a new car, summer holiday or a baby on the way, your wallet will feel it. And moving is notorious for being pretty pricy. No matter the distance, good planning and budgeting is vital in order for everything to go smoothly. However, there are some differences and difficulties when it comes to moving local vs long-distance.

  • Different tax systems and living standards. If you opted for a long-distance move and you are moving out of the state, you have to take into account that the financial situation in all states is different. For example, if you’re moving from New York to Illinois, you have to research their tax system and also how much it costs to live there. Ask the Internet or some local to get insight into their yearly and monthly expenditures and compare. That way you will know how to organize your money correctly. In case you are moving locally, worrying about different prices shouldn’t be too big of a problem.
a person researching about the price differences between moving local vs long-distance
Make sure to do thorough research before planning your moving budget.
  • Transport price. This one is pretty obvious, but the longer the road is, the pricier. Although there are different criteria for each moving company, long-distance is heavier on the pocket. Some moving companies charge by the hour, while other take the distance as a criterium. On the other hand, some charge at a flat rate. Make sure to research this properly before starting your journey. Do not forget the weight of all your belongings as well, and the amount of moving trucks you will need.


It’s obvious to think that long-distance moving takes up more time. However, it doesn’t have to be the case all the time. Think about this, if you’re moving local to another city in the same state, that is about 40 miles away from your hometown, you can easily distribute moving all your stuff throughout the whole week. With long-distance moving, everything usually goes all at once, and once you arrive, you are done.

an alarm clock
Every relocation is different time-wise. Spend your time wisely!

Packing and preparation

Every move demands a lot of preparation in advance. In case this doesn’t happen, so many things can go wrong. If you want all your stuff to arrive safely, to go according to the budget, and to survive the move stress-free, take everything into consideration beforehand.

As mentioned above, you can move locally in a few trips. You do not have to do it all at once, which makes it easier to live in your old home before you officially move. Make sure to first move stuff from rooms that you do not use often – attics, basements, storage rooms, etc. Leave the kitchen and bathroom for last, as it is something you will have to use daily.

But, with long-distance moving you finish all at once and you’re done. Some people prefer this way, so see what suits you more. When it comes to packing for a long-distance move, you have to make sure everything is tightly packed. A long way is ahead of it, so packing well will ensure nothing gets broken or damaged. This is especially important for very fragile things, like any technological gadgets or glass items.

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