Moving from Queens to Manhattan – should you move your stored possessions too?

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There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration when moving from Queens to Manhattan. You may ask questions such as, “What’s the moving budget going to look like? Where are we going to move to? When are we going to move? How are we going to move?” Another question that usually gets overlooked is when to keep your possessions versus when is it time to store them? In order to assist you with this daunting question, Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC has listed some tips and suggestions below for deciding whether you should keep or store your belongings.

Moving from Queens to Manhattan

Moving from Queens to Manhattan is full of challenges. However, nothing is unsolvable. Manhattan is something new for sure. And it’s very different from Queens even though we’re talking about the same city. While living in Queens you were bound to go to Manhattan at some point, but even if haven’t, once you move there with the help of Wall Street movers, you are going to see all the charm that New York has to offer.

couple preparing before moving from Queens to Manhattan
Moving from Queens to Manhattan is full of challenges. However, after you move to Manhattan, you’ll see all of the charms of NYC.

Planning ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute. If you know you will be faced with the problem of having to determine what to keep and what to store, give yourself as much time as you can to plan. Examine your possessions and decide what can be stored and what you are going to need in your home immediately. Once you have made the decision on which items need to be stored, start the process of picking a suitable storage unit. Be sure to find a unit that can appropriately accommodate your belongings. Doing this beforehand is going to make moving day easy.

Store It

There are some possessions that don’t get used much and you just won’t get rid of, and this may be for good reason. Things that were passed down through generations, things that your kid made for you, and other effects of this nature have a lot of worth to you because they are personal. So maybe you should put these things in storage.

However, when it comes to furniture, there is a different set of circumstances. You may own a piece of furniture that you have invested in and really love. Unfortunately, when it comes to décor, it’s inevitable that some things aren’t going to match. Your new home is probably going to have different dimensions than your old one, and that may mean that some furniture just doesn’t make sense. If there isn’t a place for some of the furniture, but there might be a place for it in the future, think about moving and storage Queens. You may decide to sell some pieces, but if something is very important to you, you can rent storage space to keep it.

Woman putting sticker on a box
There are some possessions you wish to keep, however, some of the furniture might not fit into your new home.


Keep It

So what should you keep? This may be obvious, but it’s more difficult than you think. You work hard to earn your keep, and the things you purchase define your and your family’s hard work. This is why separating from the things you own can be hard. What it really comes down to is if you actually use it? A general principle is considering how much you have used it in the past year. Whether it sits in the closet, kitchen, or cupboard, if you haven’t used it more than one time, it can go.

You would be surprised that lots of things just sit around. While you may look at an item and think, “I will use it,” or “I will wear it,” if you haven’t at least twice this past year, you probably won’t the next either. Soho movers suggest you reduce your load and let someone else have the opportunity to use it.

Research the new space

As we mentioned before some of the furniture might not fit into your new home, and that’s fine. As you’re preparing for your relocation, take a look at photos of your new home and take measurements of every room. Make a decision whether the old décor is going to be appropriate, and more importantly, if it’s going to fit. There is no point in moving your old furniture if you’re not going to use it when you get there.

Woman thinking
Make sure to take photos of your new home and take measurements of every room before you move to make sure if the furniture is going to fit.

Figure out the costs

Once you have planned out everything and you’ve checked off the items you aren’t keeping, it’s time to call moving companies. Ask for the price difference between different services and truck sizes. After that, create a list of how much it will cost to replace everything you leave behind. Try to be realistic and make sure you don’t forget additional expenses such as delivery or installation. Search Craigslist in your destination city to check what you’d probably pay for a used dresser, or take a look at the average cost of those items at places such as IKEA if you’re looking for new on a budget. Now, compare the estimates. Which one’s cheaper? If there isn’t much of a difference, then the choice is more personal than financial.

Final thoughts

Are you feeling attached to your old belongings? Do you actually want to start fresh in your new city? Are you going to have time to go shopping before moving from Queens to Manhattan? Are you enjoying picking out new home goods, or is it a chore? The way you answer these questions might be the deciding factor, rather than the price.


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