Here’s What to Expect From Your Moving Experience During COVID-19

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    COVID-19 has disrupted everything we do. But that doesn’t mean life is at a standstill. People still need to work, run errands and live their lives. That includes moving! You can’t delay moving into a new home or changing apartments just because there’s a pandemic. Instead, you need to approach relocation with the same care and carefulness as you do with everything else. That starts by working with a moving company in NYC who takes the threat of COVID-19 seriously.

    At Ben Hur Moving, we understand the uncertainty, trepidation and stress that comes with moving during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to develop safeguards and processes that keep you, your family and your belongings safe. Here’s what you can expect.

    Before the move

    Our COVID-19 standards start before our trucks hit the road. Between every move, we sanitize and sterilize our trucks to ensure no trace of the virus on any surfaces. Rest assured that our trucks arrive freshly-cleaned, ready to house your belongings safely.

    We also mandate self-screening and PPE guidelines for our employees. Our moving crews don’t come to work if they’re feeling ill or showing any symptoms of coronavirus. Before they leave to help you move, each employee must wear a face mask and gloves. Our trucks are also stocked with hand sanitizer and disinfectant supplies, for on-the-go safety.

    During the move

    Our team takes your health and safety seriously from the moment we arrive to help you move. Our masked, gloved movers maintain six feet of distance as recommended by the CDC and avoid any and all physical contact. Don’t worry, though—instead of our usual smile and handshake, you’ll get a kind word of hello and a wave! We believe in maintaining a superior standard of customer service.

    Expect us to handle your move with the same care and attention we always have, with a little extra forethought to COVID-19. From wiping down surfaces to stagging loading and unloading to maintain distance, trust that your move is handled with the utmost integrity.

    Additional coronavirus considerations

    There are several other new processes we’ve adopted to protect our customers during COVID-19. Here are some of the ways we continue to serve our customers safely during the pandemic:

    • Online and over-the-phone estimates on packing and moving services
    • Non-binding contracts to accommodate unexpected illnesses or delays
    • Providing digital confirmations and receipts for products and services
    • Not recycling moving supplies, as COVID-19 can last for 24+ hours on cardboard

    We’re also happy to listen to any concerns you have and can answer questions about our process or any special accommodations. We aim to put you at ease when it comes time to relocate.

    Quick, safe moving during COVID-19

    Ben Hur Moving knows that moving during the coronavirus pandemic isn’t something you’re particularly looking forward to. We’re here to ensure it’s a quick, safe process that leaves you feeling confident in your decision to choose us. With specific COVID-19 protocols and guidelines in place to keep you, your family and your belongings safe, we’ll make sure you get to your new living space with peace of mind.

    Call us today at 888-236-4871 for a free quote or fill out our online form. We’ll get you moved safely during the coronavirus pandemic!

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