Are Moving Containers Right for Your NYC Move?

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Sometimes, you can’t relocate in one swift shot. It happens all the time, with all different types of moves. You might be moving in with a partner and not have enough room at your new place for both people’s things. Or, you might be moving from one space to a smaller one in a better area. In either case, you’ll need a place to store your belongings—at least until you can make space for them.

In many cases, self-storage is a smart option. But for some people, there’s an even more pressing need for storage. For example, you might need to get things out of your apartment for a staggered move over a few days. In situations when you need storage, but only for a few days or a week, moving containers are the best solution.

What are moving containers?

Moving containers—also called pods or on-site storage—are exactly what you think they are: secure, movable storage compartments that are dropped off at moving sites to keep items secure and safe when they can’t be immediately moved.

Storage containers come in all sizes and shapes, and you can rent them for different durations, depending on your move. Some people only need a small moving container for a few days, while others might use a large moving container for weeks as they get settled in their new location.

The benefits of moving containers

What makes a moving container better than self-storage? Depending on the situation, moving containers offer a lot of benefits self-storage doesn’t. In fact, they offer lots of benefits in general! Here’s a look at a few of the reasons to consider moving containers and why they’re a valuable part of the moving experience:

  • They’re secure and safe, protecting your belongings under lock and key
  • They’re weatherproof and critter-proof, for safe on-site storage
  • They’re on-site, at either the move location or the destination, for easy access
  • They offer flexible rental terms for different durations, depending on your move
  • They’re easy to place and can be situated for easy access on-site
  • Some moving containers can be packed like a truck and transported

Whether you’re loading your belongings and moving the entire container via a flatbed or using a container on-site to ease your move over a several-day period, having the option to use a pod instead of off-site self-storage can be a huge convenience that reduces the headaches associated with your relocation.

How to make the most of moving containers

If you can’t move everything from Point A to Point B in one swift shot, consider how moving containers might help you get the job done. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of a moving container if you decide to make one part of your move:

  • Get a moving container that’s big enough to house everything you can’t immediately move into your new place. This includes boxes, furniture and oversized items.
  • Make sure you have space at your moving site to load or unload the container, including room for walkups of heavier and oversized items.
  • Rent the container for a few days longer than you think you need it. You can always call to have it picked up earlier if you finish moving ahead of schedule!
  • Rent a moving container a few days ahead of your actual moving day, to begin loading it early. This is a great way to start the “pre-moving” process.
  • Inquire about special rates on moving container rental if you’re working with a moving company for other services, like packing and transport.

At the end of the day, a moving container affords you flexibility. You’ll have more time to load and unload things, and a secure place to put them during your move—somewhere that’s accessible and convenient.

Who benefits from moving containers?

As mentioned, moving containers are best suited for people who need extra place to store things during a move—usually in the short-term. Some examples of moves that might benefit from a moving container include:

  • Downsizing moves from a larger space to a smaller one
  • Moves that combine two households into a single one
  • Moves that need to take place over several days for whatever reason
  • Out-of-town moves that may require multiple trips to transport everything
  • Moves with lots of large or oversized items and furniture

When you consider how much stuff you have, it can also be a good idea to rent a moving container simply to get a jump on the moving process!

If you’re unsure if you need a moving container or what the terms or rates are for one, it pays to call and ask a reputable moving company. Explain your situation, ask about rates and explain the logistics of the move. A helpful mover will recommend a container and schedule that meets your needs and provides you with the most possible convenience.

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