Most popular Manhattan neighborhoods for singles

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So you’ve decided to relocate to one of the most famous financial capitals of the world, but you are not sure what are the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods for singles? We at Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC have decided to help you. We’ll share with you some of the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods for singles. Now since the start of the war in Ukraine and oil and gas prices going up, just like everything else, the prices are likely to go up as well. Also, as we all know the post-pandemic inflation has just started to kick in so we just hope that it won’t come back around the corner this Fall of 2022. We used reliable websites like Zillow and to search through neighborhoods. Read this article and find out which location suits you the best. So let’s dive in!

One of the most popular neighborhoods for singles – West Village

When you search online and through many websites, forums, Reddit, etc, you’ll find that West Village is on top and there is a good reason why is this place one of the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods for singles. First of all, let’s say that it is a pricier part of  Manhattan since the median rent is $4,500. A lot of single “millennials” as they’re called nowadays prefer this part of the city because it’s a romantic part of Manhattan with cobblestone streets and small movie-like houses. Also, people love animals in this neighborhood, especially dogs. Reputable residential movers NYC can tell you that this is another reason why it attracts young singles. It’s a great place for socializing too.  If you’re looking for a place with a lot of great pet-friendly restaurants with unique coffee shops, then this is the neighborhood for you.

A rainy day in West Village;
Just take a look at this beautiful nostalgic architecture it’s so romantic, no wonder why young singles can’t resist it.

Another fun fact about West Village is that you can see there the iconic apartment building from the sitcom Friends. If you’re a fan of Sex and the City go to 64 Perry Street and you’ll see Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment building. Now if you aren’t a fan of sitcoms you can visit the Stonewall Inn where the LBTQ+ movement started.

Another popular neighborhood for singles is Upper East Side

Now if you ever dreamt of living on 5th Avenue well your dream can become true. For $3,555 you can rent an apartment overlooking Central Park or for even less money if you find a good agent.  While the median rent is $1,968 per month this makes it more affordable than the rest of Manhattan. We as one of the more reliable moving companies Manhattan would like to tell you that this is perfect for commuters. It’s also good for young professionals and people who enjoy arts. Crime levels are lower than in other parts of NYC so it’s safe to live there.

Chelse is a popular Manhattan neighborhood for singles

According to Chelsea movers, this is one of a kind place where you can find luxurious contemporary designed buildings and after a couple of corners, you’ll see the old building made of bricks. Now it’s great for commuters and here is why:

  • Wall Street is 4.5 miles away and takes 15-30 minutes by vehicle or 25-30 minutes by public transportation.
  • 2 miles / 10-25 minutes by auto / 20 minutes by public transportation to Rockefeller Center
  • Jersey City is 8 miles away and takes 20-45 minutes by vehicle or 30-40 minutes by public transportation.
Road full of vehicles in Chelsea, NY;
Chelsea is a great place for commuters and it’s quite affordable as well. It was always popular for singles because of its great nightclubs and a plethora of restaurants and coffee shops.

Chelsea is also one of the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods for singles and it has a population of over 63,000. It has great nightlife and the median rent is $3,250 per month. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks. Now when it comes to people they are mostly liberal young artists and professionals. One of the most popular attractions is The High Line. This is a 1.45-mile-long park that is elevated and goes through warehouses. You can also go to the Medison Square Garden, a multi-purpose enclosed arena used for many sports. It is also used for circuses, concerts, and other performances and if you’re an NHL or NBA fan you could watch a game of New York Rangers or New York Knicks.

Hidden gems among neighborhoods for singles

We as Clinton movers would like to reveal to you another magnet for singles.  This neighborhood is called Clinton a.k.a. Hell’s Kitchen. This part of Manhattan is flooded with singles and young professionals, mostly due to its affordability! The median rental price for a studio or one-bedroom apartment is $2, 900. There are numerous parks and playgrounds so if you prefer to work out outside, jog or take a walk you’ll like this neighborhood. A lot of people are driven by architecture, arts, and design.  No wonder since it’s close to Broadway, Central Park, and Times Square. Thanks to its history as a mansion for the affluent, Clinton is now a peaceful residential area with tree-lined walkways and lovely homes. Midrise brick flats and condominiums are now located across the street as the area has changed into one that is more egalitarian.

New York city district with scyscappers;
This part of the city is great to live in since it’s close to other important things throughout Manhattan and the rent is affordable.

Just the tip of the iceberg

These were the most popular neighborhoods in Manhattan that we talked about. Now depending on your personal preferences, you’ll find which one suits you the best. Also how much are you willing to pay for the condo and how much time will you spend in transit.  So that is it for this blog, those were some of the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods for singles. We hope that we helped you narrow down your choices. Have a great day!


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