Most popular Manhattan neighborhoods for commuters

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It’s all about the location, in the Big Apple. That real estate cliché is true, especially in New York. We at Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC would like to present to you the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods for commuters. So, when looking for a new place to move, think about all the things that make a neighborhood feel like home: friendly neighbors, green space, dining options, and, most importantly, the ease of your commute—after all, no one wants to sit in traffic or stand on the subway for longer than is necessary. Here are a few commuter-friendly communities you may not have considered but should. Let’s dive in!

The most popular Manhattan neighborhood – Lenox Hill

This Upper East Side neighborhood offers the best of uptown living. The two most expensive New York City real estate blocks are Park and Fifth Avenues. Madison Avenue is noted for its upscale stores, with names like Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Celine, and Giuseppe Zanotti catering to Park and Fifth Avenue inhabitants. While the western half of the area is adjacent to Central Park and has a more affluent air, the eastern half (east of Lexington) has more inexpensive housing options and a more down-to-earth atmosphere. A premium one-bedroom condo near Central Park would set you back at least $5,000. If you want something a bit cheaper find a building closer to the East River for $2,000 to $2,500. Yes, we movers Upper East Side know it’s a one-bedroom apartment in a non-doorman building, but it’s still Manhattan.

one of the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods
One of the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods is Lenox Hill and especially these apartments that have a look at Central Park.

Since we are talking about the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods for commuters, this would be our top pick. It is in the heart of Manhattan and it’s well connected with the rest of the city. You can find transportation easily. Especially if you’ve considered doing some remote jobs since the start of the pandemic this would be wonderful. You would be able to work from the comfort of your home while glancing at Central Park. It would almost look like an episode of the popular TV series “Friends”.

Best Downtown Manhattan neighborhood for commuters

Downtown Manhattan’s historic district ‘South of Houston Street’ is known as SoHo. SoHo has evolved into a shopping hotspot, with distinctive boutiques and chain stores, art galleries, home décor stores, salons, and spas. Tourists come to SoHo throughout the day because of the stores and the hip aspect. During the night, though, it is a little quieter. It also has a thriving eating and bar scene, with restaurants serving Italian, Mexican, Russian, Seafood, Vietnamese, American, Mediterranean, French, Thai, and Japanese cuisine, as well as burger places and a dozen cafés. There are several bars and lounges to select from at night, depending on your mood.

Picture of city steet in New York.
SoHo is the part of the city where you can enjoy a lot of different bars and restaurants. It’s also one of the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods for commuters. It is amazingly well connected with other parts of Manhattan.

It costs money to be cool in Tribeca, as it does in the West Village. For many years, SoHo has been one of New York’s most expensive neighborhoods. Let’s just give you a small insight, a one-bedroom apartment costs about $3, 500. So if you would like to move here consider the best Soho movers for starters. Now let’s not spend too much time talking about commutes. We’ll just show you the numbers and you’ll see:

  • Wall Street is 1.5 miles away and takes 20 minutes by automobile or 15-20 minutes by public transportation.
  • 3 miles / 25-30 minutes by auto / 20-25 minutes via transport to Rockefeller Center
  • Jersey City is 6.5 miles away and takes 30-35 minutes by vehicle or 25-35 minutes via public transportation.

Most popular financial neighborhoods in Manhattan

As you’ve probably guessed, we’re talking about the Financial District of Lower Manhattan in New York City. Specifically, we’ll be talking about Wall Street. We as one of the best Wall Street movers know that the best commuting is if there isn’t one. If you’re planning to work on Wall Street the best idea would be to move directly there. It may be costly at first, but hey as well all know that money never sleeps. You’ll be lucky if you get a one-bedroom apartment on Wall Street for $4, 000. But consider that you’ll have a bare minimum of commuting. Only a couple of steps or blocks since the whole street is only 800 yards, right? Since the COVID-19 pandemic started maybe you could even move further to let’s say Brooklyn or New Jersey but only if your job is remote.

Christmas Tree near white concrete building on Wall Street
Living and working in the same neighborhood is maybe the best deal when it comes to commuting in Manhattan. You’ll spend more money on an apartment but that’ll save you some time.

If you think about it spending money and time commuting will probably change in the future. It’s more eco-friendly and it’s cheaper. We know that most people can’t afford an apartment here or they simply don’t want to because it’s busy. So if you are not from the financial sector or you simply want to live somewhere else, we can know that commuting in Financial District you should reside in the area or nearby neighborhoods like Battery Park City, Tribeca, and the South Street Seaport, or the Lower East Side.

Most popular Manhattan neighborhoods for people on a budget

So if you’ve planned to move to Manhattan but you can’t afford a quick commuting location, movers Harlem NYC are here to help and relocate you to one of the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods for commuters on a budget. The last but not the least would be Harlem. It’s a bit longer to commute and it may not be the fastest but its condo prices are quite reasonable. Here you’ll trade a bit of time for a lot of money. Here the average price is about $3,000, which is less than Downtown Manhattan or FiDi, but you’ll have to commute a bit slower. The average commute across Harlem is about 34 to 35 minutes since most people use public transportation. That would be it from us when it comes to commuting across Manhattan. Have a nice day and have a nice move too!





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