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Looking to hire quality movers for your relocation from (or to) Harlem? Do you want to have a team by your side that will create a truly epic relocation process? Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC is an industry leader when it comes to relocations within the great city of New York, as well as the entire NYC metropolitan area, including Westchester, Connecticut, and Long Island. We have been providing exemplary moving services since 1991, and are known as one of the best movers Harlem NYC has to offer! Contact us today and we will help you create and execute a perfect moving plan!

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Experience a smooth relocation with one of the best movers Harlem NYC has to offer – Ben Hur Moving & Storage!

Our team knows Harlem like the back of our hand. That is why we are one of the moving companies Harlem NYC has on offer that can all but guarantee an efficient, smooth, and enjoyable moving process. Over the years, we have conquered many unique moving challenges and have grown our resources to be capable of handling any relocation, no matter how small or large it may be! You can count on us to relocate your home or office in the fastest and safest possible way. And if you want to know more about us and how we came to be one of NYC’s finest moving companies, all you need to do is get in touch with our customer representatives. They will be glad to answer your questions and help you with useful moving advice, provide tips, and help you create a relocation to remember!

What sets us apart?

The main reason why we are known as one of the top Harlem NYC movers is the fact that we approach every relocation with extreme care, diligence, and all our resources. We fully understand that every relocation is quite unique, with its own sets of challenges to overcome. That is why you can expect us to help you formulate a moving plan that is going to be ideal for your situation. We want you to enjoy the moving process in its entirety, after all. And we are going to do everything it takes to enable you to do it.

We offer affordable moving services you can count on

As one of the moving companies in Harlem NYC that offer full-service moving, we have created several packages of moving services for your benefit. You can count on Ben Hur for:

Of course, you are free to mix and match the services from various packages to tailor them to the unique necessities of your relocation. In fact, we will work with you to do just that! Our team will help you choose the right services for the job and help you make your relocation as smooth, convenient, and as easy as you want it to be.

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We have a moving service for every occasion.

As well as a variety of additional services

Aside from our “standard” moving packages, our movers Harlem NYC can provide additional services for your convenience. We aim to provide everything a relocation from/to Harlem may require, including:

  • Piano moving
  • Box purchase & Delivery
  • Handyman services
  • Custom crating for delicate items
  • Furniture dismantling and reassembly
  • Disposal of unneeded items
  • Installation of electronic equipment and other appliances

But even that is not the full extent of Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC capabilities. Even if you require any other services (and you don’t see them on the list), chances are that we can provide what you need. With the help of our partners, we can fulfill almost any moving requirement!

You can count on accurate, honest, moving estimates

One thing that you can always count on is our estimates that are competitively priced, all-inclusive, and comprehensive. Of course, you can also get a free quote. While a free quote might be a great starting point, we are one of the moving companies Harlem NYC has that wishes for you to have 100% accurate information. Therefore, we advise you to schedule an in-premise inspection. That way, we can provide you with a detailed moving plan and guarantee the cost of your relocation.

Our Movers Harlem NYC will be with you from the start of the relocation to its conclusion!

One amazing thing when working with one of the top moving companies in Harlem NYC is that you have access to help, advice, and tips throughout the entire relocation process. Our customer support team is always there to help you overcome a challenge, our moving crews are there to help you make the most out of your move. With us by your side, you will always have someone to tell you, with full confidence, “Everything is going to be fine”. We want our customers to have peace of mind and enjoy their relocation, which is why we always go “above and beyond” to ensure that they do.

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We will be there to help and advise.

Enjoy Harlem, NYC

Harlem is a dense urban neighborhood in the city of New York. There are around 202,900 people living in the area, most of which rent their homes. The main reason why this is the case is due to the prohibitively high median home price. If you want to purchase a home in Harlem, you can expect to pay around $860,000 on average. Renting a place will set you back, on average, around $1,275 per month. But the main issue about Harlem is its low median household income of $52,700. This is why many people choose to leave the neighborhood in search of better opportunities.

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If you are ready to leave for the “greener pastures”, all you need is a quality moving company to get you there! As one of the best movers Harlem NYC has, Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC stands ready to help you move without worries! Contact us today and our team will show you what a truly epic relocation looks like!

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